Globalists Taking Charge: Agenda 21’s Global Depopulation Agenda

In my last arti­cle I dis­cussed the idea that much of what we are expe­ri­enc­ing in this coun­try can’t be con­sid­ered a “con­spir­a­cy the­o­ry” any­more because it is actu­al­ly hap­pen­ing. We are lit­er­al­ly watch­ing the world burn around us and every day there is anoth­er new, excit­ing devel­op­ment that only, in my mind any­ways, reinforces […]

Journey to the Center of the Core Yields the Yoke of Citizen-Centric Governance to Force a Shared Vision

I still remem­ber my shock that so many famous and pow­er­ful Amer­i­cans endorsed the view in the March 2013 book by Moi­ses Naim that sim­ply assumed that the Amer­i­can peo­ple were now to be Gov­erned as if they were col­lec­tive­ly a ship in need of steer­ing by politi­cians. Sil­ly me. Turns out there was […]

How Agenda 21 influences the Bradley County BCC 2035 joint strategic plan

This fol­low-up is relat­ed to our Sep­tem­ber 18 post, UN’s Inter­na­tion­al Build­ing Codes, nec­es­sary tool for Agen­da 21 imple­men­ta­tion. The Bradley Coun­ty, Ten­nessee, Board of Com­mis­sion­ers vot­ed this week to adopt the pro­posed 2035 Joint Strate­gic Plan. The post below is an exam­ple of local Agen­da 21 oppo­nents’ efforts to stop imple­men­ta­tion through edu­ca­tion, pub­lic awareness, […]

House of Tomorrow: Targeting Behavior Change Requires Move Away from Declarative Knowledge

If you hang out in the dun­geons and attics of the Trans­for­ma­tion Blue­prints like I do, one of the omnipresent con­fes­sions that is cru­cial, but not mak­ing it into the pub­lic domain YET, is that class­room activ­i­ties and expe­ri­ences are now “aims-based” or “goal-direc­t­ed,” not “sub­­­ject-mat­ter based.” His­to­ry, math, lit­er­a­ture, or sci­ence course names still […]

Reflexive Law: How Sustainable Development Has Conned Us All

The New York Times blast­ed out the head­line yes­terday, Oba­ma Pur­suing Cli­mate Accord in Lieu of Treaty. In short, Oba­ma will use one or more Exec­u­tive Orders to entan­gle the U.S. in a glob­al treaty on cli­mate change, with­out con­sulting the U.S. Sen­ate. How­ever, the Con­sti­tu­tion requires the Sen­ate to vote on all treaties and […]

Imaging the Past to Experience and Reshape the Present More Fully: APUSH as Social Science

I tend to come at the same issues from a dif­fer­ent approach in part because I usu­al­ly pick up on all the terms that have qui­et­ly acquired a non-dic­­tio­­nary mean­ing. The real def­i­n­i­tions com­plete­ly change what peo­ple are actu­al­ly admit­ting they intend to do. When it comes to his­to­ry now, at what­ev­er age, approach all […]

The Global Strategy

Each point of light on that map rep­re­sents a pop­u­la­tion cen­ter. For glob­al­ists, man­age­ment of globe is sim­ply an engi­neer­ing prob­lem. Nation-states, bor­ders, his­to­ry, cul­ture are all incon­ve­niences to the effi­cient (and prof­itable) oper­a­tion of the plan­et. When glob­al cen­tral plan­ners look at that map, they are look­ing at the require­ments to con­nect the points […]

The Nightmarish Megacities of the Near Future

Six years ago, dur­ing the 2008 pres­i­den­tial cam­paign, I attend­ed a Town Hall meet­ing spon­sored by Repub­li­can and Pres­i­den­tial hope­ful, Sen­a­tor John McCain, where he was asked if he was opposed to the spread of the Unit­ed Nations Agen­da 21 poli­cies through­out the Unit­ed States. McCain proud­ly pro­claimed that he had nev­er heard of Agenda […]