Fed Gov Moves To Seize Water Rights From 100,000 Montanans: “All Surface Water And Wells”

Greet­ings and Salu­ta­tions, read­ers! My Nome de Guerre in the bat­tle for truth and objec­tive jour­nal­ism is Jere­mi­ah John­son. I hope to pique your inter­est with a Mon­tana issue that, regard­less of the out­come, will have severe ram­i­fi­ca­tions and set a prece­dent nation­wide. This arti­cle cov­ers the CSKT (Con­fed­er­at­ed Sal­ish and Koote­nai Tribes) pro­posed water-rights […]

Bird nursery’ at risk unless half of Canada’s boreal forest preserved

Nature groups urge bird­ers to join cam­paign to ensure untouched for­est stays that way Lead­ing bird and nature groups are try­ing to save what they call North Amer­i­ca’s “bird nurs­ery.” They want the Cana­di­an and U.S. gov­ern­ments to pro­tect at least half of the con­ti­nen­t’s bore­al for­est from indus­tri­al devel­op­ment. The bore­al for­est is a vast […]

Supreme Court weighs review of Army Corps’ jurisdiction decisions

The Supreme Court may decide as soon as Mon­day to review a high-pro­­file case on whether an Army Corps of Engi­neers deter­mi­na­tion that prop­er­ty qual­i­fies for Clean Water Act pro­tec­tions can be chal­lenged in court. In Kent Recy­cling Ser­vices LLC v. Army Corps of Engi­neers, the jus­tices are pre­sent­ed with the ques­tion of whether a corps […]


FA Note:  This arti­cle pro­vides back­ground for the sub­se­quent post, “CSKT Com­pact Breach­es State Sov­er­eign­ty”. Agen­da 21, Sec­tion IICONSERVATION AND MANAGEMENT OF RESOURCES FOR DEVELOPMENT, calls for con­trol of ALL nat­ur­al resources by the UN’s Depart­ment of Sus­tain­able Deveop­ment, through local indige­nous peo­ples, as with the ongo­ing efforts to remove all four Kla­math River […]

CSKT Compact Breaches State Sovereignty

Note: our heart­felt thanks to for­mer Sen­a­tor Verdell Jack­son, an out­spo­ken crit­ic of the CSKT water com­pact for this arti­cle that will be sent out to all leg­is­la­tors and news­pa­pers through­out the state. by Verdell Jack­son, Kalispell Ten thou­sand water claims ready to be filed by the CSKT has been an effec­tive threat for the proponents […]

Thanks, EPA: Your New ‘Navigable Waters’ Rule Strengthens The Case Against Administrative Law

When Con­gress passed the Clean Water Act in 1972, it was exer­cis­ing its pow­er to reg­u­late inter­state com­merce by pro­hibit­ing dis­charges into the nation’s “nav­i­ga­ble waters.” If a body of water could be used to trans­port goods from one state to anoth­er, it was cov­ered by the Act. Like so many oth­er statutes enact­ed over the […]

Watch Out for That Puddle, Soon It Could Be Federally Regulated

FA Note:  This Op-Ed appeared in the Wall Street Jour­nal Decem­ber 7, 2014. The authors are Reed Hop­per and Todd Gaziano, with Pacif­ic Legal Foun­da­tion.  The EPA wants to rede­fine ‘the waters of the Unit­ed States’ to mean vir­tu­al­ly any wet spot in the coun­try. Ear­li­er this year the Envi­ron­men­tal Pro­tec­tion Agency and Army Corps […]

Proposed water quality rules may limit ag activities

A new effort to reg­u­late graz­ing and its poten­tial impacts on water qual­i­ty has Cal­i­for­nia ranch­ers con­cerned new rules could lim­it their food pro­duc­tion activ­i­ties and yield lit­tle envi­ron­men­tal ben­e­fits. State water reg­u­la­tors launched a series of pub­lic lis­ten­ing ses­sions around the state dur­ing Jan­u­ary to solic­it pub­lic com­ments before devel­op­ing a new “Graz­ing Regulatory […]