New Mexico Legislature Passes Bill Restricting Access to Public Streams

The fol­low­ing arti­cle caught my eye this morn­ing.  Since it invit­ed com­ments at the end, I shared my com­ments with them and they fol­low the arti­cle. Jim   Anglers could be for­bid­den to wade in waters that run through pri­vate prop­er­ty.On March 20 the New Mex­i­co Leg­is­la­ture passed a bill by a 32-to-31 mar­gin that aims […]

Environmental Shakedown Through Bastardized Application of Science, Policy, and Education

Dis­grun­tled ex-fed­er­al employ­ees found a way to bilk tax­pay­ers out of mil­lions of dol­lars using the flawed Endan­gered Species Act Over a 3‑year peri­od, 2009–2012, Depart­ment of Jus­tice data show Amer­i­can tax­pay­ers foot­ed the bill for more than $53 mil­lion in so-called envi­ron­men­tal groups’ legal fees—and the actu­al num­ber could be much high­er. The real […]

Contract Extension Could Leave Landowners Flapping in the Breeze

Crit­ics say a pro­posed leg­isla­tive fix vio­lates the spir­it of the law against spe­cial leg­is­la­tion for cor­po­ra­tions and under­cuts options for landown­ers who may rethink their involve­ment with wind devel­op­ers. The con­tro­ver­sy focus­es on the 82-megawatt Black Oak wind farm — on the draw­ing board in Stearns Coun­ty since 2008. State law requires that wind ener­gy projects […]

Using the Global Warming Hoax to Destroy America

When Pres­i­dent Oba­ma announced on March 31 that he intends to ensure that the U.S. will slash its “green­house gas emis­sions” 26% below 2005 emis­sions lev­els by 2025 in order to keep pledges made to ful­fill the U.N. Frame­work Con­ven­tion on Cli­mate Change, he failed to men­tion that such lev­els would be com­pa­ra­ble to what […]

How California Went Dry

Gov. Jer­ry Brown of Cal­i­for­nia is fired up about nail­ing his cit­i­zens to the wall, should they dare to use more than their allot­ted amount of water. On Sun­day, Brown said that those who did not take short­er show­ers would be pun­ished with fines of up to $500, in order to cut urban water use […]

An Appeal From A Koasek Family

We are a con­cerned fam­i­ly, liv­ing in the ter­ror of geo engi­neered skies, in the state of Ver­mont. We also belong to the Koasek Abena­ki Nation in our state. Our ances­tors passed down a strong under­stand­ing of the inter-relat­ed­­ness between peo­ple and nature. Our lives would not be worth liv­ing if we spent every day […]

Federal Land Management Not a Good Deal for Americans

By near­ly all accounts, our fed­er­al lands are in trou­ble, both in terms of fis­cal per­for­mance and envi­ron­men­tal stew­ard­ship.” That was an asser­tion made ear­li­er this month in a study released by the Prop­er­ty and Envi­ron­ment Research Cen­ter (PERC). The study focused on the dif­fer­ence between state-man­aged pub­lic lands and fed­er­al­ly man­aged pub­lic lands. The […]

Liberal Obama Law Professor: Obama’s EPA is Burning the Constitution

Lau­rence Tribe, a lib­er­al Har­vard law pro­fes­sor, in fact, he was one of Obama’s law pro­fes­sors, claims that Oba­ma and his EPA is “burn­ing the con­sti­tu­tion”.  Tribe explains the lim­i­ta­tions that the con­sti­tu­tion allows to the EPA: “EPA pos­sess­es only the author­i­ty grant­ed to it by Con­gress.  Its gam­bit here rais­es seri­ous ques­tions under the separation […]