Negotiating draft of UN climate agreement released

FA Note: The 86-page “nego­ti­at­ing draft” of the UN cli­mate agree­ment has been released by JunkScience, via twit­ter. “Option D” of the draft begs the ques­tion: is there a direct, planned cor­re­la­tion with the Agen­da 21 depop­u­la­tion goal of 95%? Nego­ti­at­ing draft of UN cli­mate agree­ment released Draft UN cli­mate treaty actu­al­ly con­sid­ers cut­ting CO2 emis­sions 95% by 2050. […]

Ecosystems are Like the Tides

When I entered the US Navy in 1963 I took an exten­sive class in Nav­i­ga­tion.  One of the major sub­jects with­in the class was, “Tides”. In addi­tion to “high tide” and “low tide”; and spring tides and neap tides, our instruc­tor men­tioned a par­tic­u­lar con­cept that was both pecu­liar to those times and a likely […]

Superior Court (Alameda County) Rules in Favor of ABAG and One Bay Area

Lit­i­ga­tion Seeks to Pro­tect the Amer­i­can Form of Gov­ern­ment In a result ori­ent­ed deci­sion, Alame­da Coun­ty Supe­ri­or Court Judge Eve­lio Gril­lo ruled against Free­dom Advo­cates and oth­ers in the war over pro­tect­ing Cities and Coun­ties from a trans­for­ma­tion of local gov­ern­ment (One Bay Area). The new form of gov­ern­ment in the San Fran­cis­co Bay Area […]

U.N. Climate Chief: We’re ‘Intentionally’ Transforming The World Economy

This is the first time in the his­to­ry of mankind that we are set­ting our­selves the task of inten­tion­al­ly, with­in a defined peri­od of time to change the eco­nom­ic devel­op­ment mod­el that has been reign­ing for at least 150 years…” The Unit­ed Nation’s top cli­mate change offi­cial Chris­tiana Figueres announced this week that the group is active­ly work­ing to […]

Wolf Lessons from North Carolina

Last Fri­day, 30 Jan­u­ary, I wrote a piece, Kudos to North Car­oli­na and Her Wolves that Nev­er Were, com­pli­ment­ing the recent suc­cess of some men in North Car­oli­na regard­ing how to stand up to the fed­er­al gov­ern­ment and the Endan­gered Species Act.  This involves “red” wolves, an envi­able (to most of us) State Wildlife Agency […]

Watch Out for That Puddle, Soon It Could Be Federally Regulated

FA Note:  This Op-Ed appeared in the Wall Street Jour­nal Decem­ber 7, 2014. The authors are Reed Hop­per and Todd Gaziano, with Pacif­ic Legal Foun­da­tion.  The EPA wants to rede­fine ‘the waters of the Unit­ed States’ to mean vir­tu­al­ly any wet spot in the coun­try. Ear­li­er this year the Envi­ron­men­tal Pro­tec­tion Agency and Army Corps […]

They Never”, “They Always”

A pack of “five to six” coy­otes just killed a full grown horse, iron­i­cal­ly owned by the Coun­ty Sheriff’s Depart­ment, in a pad­dock between Detroit and Flint, Michi­gan.  The local “wildlife tech­ni­cian” said he “can count on zero fin­gers the num­bers of times coy­otes have tak­en down a large ani­mal”.  He also said, “If you […]

Kudos to North Carolina and Her Wolves that Never Were

As some­one with a long involve­ment in US and Euro­pean wolf deba­cles of the past three-plus decades, it is with admi­ra­tion and a wry sense of amuse­ment that I have fol­lowed the sor­did his­to­ry of fed­er­al red wolf impo­si­tions on the good peo­ple of North Car­oli­na.  I admire what you are doing about “wolves” and […]