Parents Charge Education Officials with Bullying, Cover-ups over Refusal of Common Core Tests

As par­ents of thou­sands of stu­dents across the nation are refus­ing the stan­dard­ized tests aligned with the Com­mon Core stan­dards, state edu­ca­tion offi­cials are dig­ging in their heels and attempt­ing to use author­i­ty and, in some cas­es, intim­i­da­tion to keep test par­tic­i­pa­tion rates up and par­ents in line. Grass­roots groups of par­ent activists who have been […]

COS Admits it Cannot Defend the Convention Method of Amending the Constitution

Con­ven­tion Of States’ mas­sive, well-fund­ed nation­al cam­paign to “sell” their decep­tive tool with which to tear down our Founders’ dis­ci­plined, prin­ci­pled, lim­its on fed­er­al pow­ers has been run­ning into an over­whelm­ing, pow­er­ful force of truth and light — a 5′, 80lb, 70-year-young lady who many of us know, respect and admire as Pub­lius Hul­dah. We […]

Energy Security Must Include Reliable Power

The Oba­ma — EPA  plan ensures that black­outs will be in our future. Unlike pop­u­la­tions in most oth­er parts of the world, we Amer­i­cans take vital ben­e­fits of depend­able elec­tric­i­ty for grant­ed. We sim­ply plug into an out­let or flip on a switch and ful­ly expect that our lights will go on, our com­put­ers will […]

Little Red Riding Hood

#NO WAY ESEA  #NO WAY ESEA  #NO WAY ESEA MAKE THIS GO VIRAL!!! MENU FOR THE 21ST CENTURY: COMMUNISM, SOCIALISM, FASCISM? (1) Excerpt from “Clus­ters Pro­mote Com­mu­ni­ty Growth” arti­cle below : “Metro Unit­ed Way’s vice pres­i­dent of com­mu­ni­ty invest­ments, Ger­a­lyn Shee­han, calls the teams a pilot pro­gram for the entire nation, teach­ing res­i­dents through­out Amer­i­ca how to recon­nect with […]

Joel Salatin’s Testimony on Food Freedom in Maine

Joel Salatin tes­ti­fied on April 30, 2015 before a leg­isla­tive com­mit­tee in favor of a state con­sti­tu­tion­al amend­ment in Maine on the Right to Food. Below is the text of his remarks. Sen­a­tor Edge­comb, Rep­re­sen­ta­tive Hick­man, and oth­er dis­tin­guished mem­bers of the Joint Stand­ing Com­mit­tee on Agri­cul­ture, Con­ser­va­tion and Forestry: my name is Joel Salatin […]

Executive Summary — Sustainability: Higher Education’s New Fundamentalism

Sus­tain­abil­i­ty” is a key idea on col­lege cam­pus­es in the Unit­ed States and the rest of the West­ern world. To the unsus­pect­ing, sus­tain­abil­i­ty is just a new name for envi­ron­men­tal­ism. But the word real­ly marks out a new and larg­er ide­o­log­i­cal ter­ri­to­ry in which cur­tail­ing eco­nom­ic, polit­i­cal, and intel­lec­tu­al lib­er­ty is the price that must […]

The Six (Sick?) C’s

NO WAY ESEA, NO WAY ESEA, NO WAY ESEA. Carnegie’s Com­mu­nist Com­mon Core Choice/Charters ABCs of Dumb­Down: “Birds of a Feath­er Flock Togeth­er” Doc­u­men­ta­tion for infor­ma­tion in this post is at the delib­er­ate dumb­ing down of amer­i­ca, FREE down­load at, and at Amer­i­can See bold­ed quote below tak­en from 3D, page 169. Also, the complete […]

Obama and mayors planning not only to reform but to totally replace America’s police forces

May­ors and city councils—in office large­ly cour­tesy of pub­lic apathy—are Pres­i­dent Barack Obama’s boots on the ground in the ongo­ing, care­ful­ly orches­trat­ed racial riots com­ing soon to a city near you. In their bid to res­cue Amer­i­ca from total Marx­ist eclipse, patri­ots, as it turns out, have been knock­ing on the wrong door. Repub­li­cans, who sur­ren­dered to […]