COS Admits it Cannot Defend the Convention Method of Amending the Constitution

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Publius Huldah

Pub­lius Huldah

Con­ven­tion Of States’ mas­sive, well-fund­ed nation­al cam­paign to “sell” their decep­tive tool with which to tear down our Founders’ dis­ci­plined, prin­ci­pled, lim­its on fed­er­al pow­ers has been run­ning into an over­whelm­ing, pow­er­ful force of truth and light — a 5′, 80lb, 70-year-young lady who many of us know, respect and admire as Pub­lius Hul­dah.

We do not need a con­ven­tion to change the Con­sti­tu­tion — we need to observe the Con­sti­tu­tion we already have. Fur­ther­more, pro­posed Amend­ments so far pre­sent­ed by con­ven­tion sup­port­ers would only degrade the Constitution!

For exam­ple, a Bal­anced Bud­get Amend­ment (BBA) would ELIMINATE Art. I, Sec 8’s grant of pow­er to the fed­er­al gov­ern­ment to con­duct ONLY a very lim­it­ed range of ACTIVITIESBBA would there­by allow the fed­er­al gov­ern­ment to spend some spec­i­fied dol­lar lim­it amount on ANY activ­i­ty. Fur­ther, we are NOT pro­tect­ed by requir­ing States’ votes to increase those lim­its because the fed­er­al gov­ern­ment would extort the States into doing so by threat­en­ing to reduce fed­er­al con­tri­bu­tions to States’ bud­gets (between 22–45% of all States’ bud­gets) while leav­ing fed­er­al man­dates in place and also by threat­en­ing to reduce even larg­er amounts of oth­er fed­er­al spend­ing in those States.

When snake oil sales­men are con­front­ed by Con­sumer Reports, they know their jig is up and become des­per­ate to keep their scam alive.

They ADMIT to their scam by sur­ren­der­ing their fight to defend their pitch on SUBSTANTIVE grounds and by resort­ing to false innu­en­dos. They also appar­ent­ly avoid debat­ing against Pub­lius at all costs and even appar­ent­ly attempt to pre­vent audi­ences from hear­ing her truths. They expose the lack of mer­it of COS by resort­ing to Saul Alin­sky tac­tics that seek to destroy the mes­sen­ger of those truths that would expose their scam! They would not have to stoop to such tac­tics if they could win the debate on the mer­its, giv­en all of their fund­ing and orga­ni­za­tion. This expos­es that the COS “Emper­ors” indeed have no clothes.

Pub­lius, appar­ent­ly, has received copies of cor­re­spon­dence sent to orga­ni­za­tions which have invit­ed her to speak, to encour­age those orga­ni­za­tions to with­draw their invi­ta­tions to her. She has received cor­re­spon­dence sent to a pub­lish­er which encour­ages that pub­lish­er to stop pub­lish­ing Pub­lius’ papers. These let­ters, which bear the “fin­ger­prints” of COS, smear Pub­lius with false and mali­cious INNUENDOS of racial and eth­nic hatred designed to destroy her rep­u­ta­tion and to get her ban­ished from the Court of Pub­lic Discussion.

First, sec­ond and third in impor­tance and rel­e­vance, none of those innu­en­dos address ANY aspect of Pub­lius’ sub­stan­tive points that expose COS’ assault against the Constitution.

Next, while not even approach­ing rel­e­vance, none of COS’ innu­en­dos address any­thing about Pub­lius her­self! COS’ innu­en­dos address events involv­ing OTHERS which occurred many decades ago.


It is painful for me to learn that a few groups have can­celled Pub­lius’ appear­ance based upon this COS-dri­ven false smear cam­paign. It is sad that peo­ple are so weak-mind­ed (and unprin­ci­pled) as to fall for such dri­v­el. I guess that W. C. Fields was right when he said, “There’s a suck­er born every day.” I have also seen group lead­ers who block their group from hear­ing views that do not agree with their own and would use the COS non­sense as a mere “excuse” to can­cel or decline — mem­bers should demand to hear Publius.

When the TV sales­men resort to such tac­tics, they are igno­rant­ly admit­ting to their scam and so it’s time to turn to a dif­fer­ent chan­nel. COS’ tac­tics expose the fact that they have noth­ing of val­ue to offer us.

We must help Pub­lius fight this on the web and in the court of pub­lic opin­ion. When you see the COS hate­ful pro­pa­gan­da, speak up – let the pub­lic hear that you reject COS’ false and vicious and not-even-close-to-being-rel­e­vant smears and that you can see that COS, there­by, admits to its intel­lec­tu­al bank­rupt­cy. Demand to hear Publius!