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Major Win as U.S. Senate Blocks TPP Fast Track Bill

Oppo­nents of sprawl­ing and secre­tive inter­na­tion­al agree­ments won a sig­nif­i­cant vic­to­ry today when U.S. Sen­a­tors vot­ed to block the advance­ment of its Fast Track trade bill. The leg­is­la­tion would have allowed mas­sive unde­mo­c­ra­t­ic trade deals like the Trans-Pacif­ic Part­ner­ship (TPP) and the Trans-atlantic Trade and Invest­ment Part­ner­ship (TTIP) to be rushed through to rat­i­fi­ca­tion, and […]

URGENT! Approximate Vote Date in Senate on S.1177

#NO WAY ESEA  #NO WAY ESEA  #NO WAY ESEA KEEP CALLING (202–224‑3121) AND EMAILING YOUR SENATORS AND REPRESENTATIVES!! S1177 (the Reau­tho­riza­tion of ESEA…the old No Child Left Behind Act) is a com­bi­na­tion of Repub­li­can Con­gress­man John Kline’s HR5 Stu­dent Suc­cess Act and Repub­li­can Sen­a­tor Lamar Alexan­der’s Every Child Achieves Act 2015 (S1177) You, mem­bers of Grassroots […]

In September, The UN Launches A Major Sustainable Development Agenda For The Entire Planet

The UN plans to launch a brand new plan for man­ag­ing the entire globe at the Sus­tain­able Devel­op­ment Sum­mit that it will be host­ing from Sep­tem­ber 25th to Sep­tem­ber 27th.  Some of the biggest names on the plan­et, includ­ing Pope Fran­cis, will be speak­ing at this sum­mit.  This new sus­tain­able agen­da focus­es on cli­mate change […]