Common Core, Part 3

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Charlotte Thomson IserbytLEARN the FACTS about
Com­mon Core’s Com­mu­nist Roots

"We must declare openly what is concealed, namely, the political function of the school.... It is to construct communist society." ~Lenin

We must declare open­ly what is con­cealed,
name­ly, the polit­i­cal func­tion of the school.…
It is to con­struct com­mu­nist soci­ety.”

The lat­est install­ment in a series from Dr. Den­nis Cud­dy, “Com­mon Core: Part 3″ was pub­lished on NewsWith­Views, March 30, 2015. Dr. Cud­dy wrote about a trip that the “ ‘Father of Pro­gres­sive Edu­ca­tion’ (and lat­er Nation­al Edu­ca­tion Asso­ci­a­tion hon­orary pres­i­dent) John Dewey” took to the Sovi­et Union in the ear­li­est years of Com­mu­nism. Of course, Dewey was the fore­run­ner, lay­ing all of the ground­work for all of the future edu­ca­tion reform. I dis­cuss Dewey and his Pro­gres­sive Edu­ca­tion Asso­ci­a­tion in my book the delib­er­ate dumb­ing down of amer­i­ca.

Accord­ing to Dr. Cud­dy, John Dewey described his trip to the Sovi­et Union in a Dec. 5, 1928 edi­tion of THE NEW REPUBLIC. Here are a few snip­pets from the glow­ing report that Dewey wrote of Com­mu­nist education:Dewey Stamp

the mar­velous devel­op­ment of pro­gres­sive edu­ca­tion­al ideas and prac­tices under the fos­ter­ing care of the Bol­she­vist gov­ern­ment… the required col­lec­tive and coop­er­a­tive men­tal­i­ty.… The great task of the school is to coun­ter­act and trans­form those domes­tic and neigh­bor­hood ten­den­cies… the influ­ence of home and Church.…

In order to accom­plish this end, the teach­ers must in the first place know with great detail and accu­ra­cy just what the con­di­tions are to which pupils are sub­ject in the home [remem­ber this when read­ing about Com­mon Core’s col­lec­tion of large amounts of per­son­al data].…

In con­se­quence, to any­one who looks at the mat­ter cold-blood­ed­ly, free from sen­ti­men­tal asso­ci­a­tions clus­ter­ing about the his­toric fam­i­ly insti­tu­tion, a most inter­est­ing soci­o­log­i­cal exper­i­men­ta­tion is tak­ing place.… Our spe­cial con­cern here is with the role of the schools in build­ing up forces and fac­tors whose nat­ur­al effect is to under­mine the impor­tance and unique­ness of fam­i­ly life.…

The ear­li­est sec­tion of the school sys­tem, deal­ing with chil­dren from three to sev­en, aims to keep chil­dren under its charge six, eight, and ten hours a day, and in ulti­mate ide­al this pro­ce­dure is to be uni­ver­sal and compulsory.… 

Read more about Lenin HERE

Read more about Lenin HERE

Ref­er­ence to this phase of Sovi­et edu­ca­tion may per­haps be suit­ably con­clud­ed by a quo­ta­tion from Lenin: ‘We must declare open­ly what is con­cealed, name­ly, the polit­i­cal func­tion of the school.… It is to con­struct com­mu­nist society.’ ”

Keep read­ing Dr. Cud­dy’s arti­cle HERE.

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