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Warrant Issuing Judge in Stanley Children Kidnapping Case Forces Sheriff to Reveal Documents

  UPDATE 4/15/2015 The judge in Juve­nile Court today has just ordered the fam­i­ly to have a psy­chol­o­gist in the home 20 hours a week to “pro­mote har­mo­ny” in the fam­i­ly. Judge Wade Naramore can be con­tact­ed here. Reporter Clay Her­rmann of the Hot Springs Dai­ly News in Hot Springs Arkansas has pub­lished copies of the Search War­rant, the Affidavit […]

US Steel Warns Of Layoffs In Arkansas And Texas As Trans-Pacific Partnership Looms

FA Note: The last para­graph pro­vides a clue as to how mega-cor­po­ra­­tions will prof­it from this “21st cen­tu­ry trade agree­ment”. Unit­ed States Steel Cor­po­ra­tion issued lay­off notices to 1,404 work­ers in the lat­est sign of strug­gle for the Amer­i­can steel indus­try. The mis­sives went out in recent days to work­ers pro­duc­ing pipe and tube prod­ucts that […]

The Tip Of The Climate Spending Iceberg

Lock­heed Mar­tin, a recent Wash­ing­ton Post arti­cle notes, is get­ting into renew­able ener­gy, nuclear fusion, “sus­tain­abil­i­ty” and even fish farm­ing projects, to aug­ment its reduced defense prof­its. The com­pa­ny plans to forge new ties with Defense Depart­ment and oth­er Oba­ma ini­tia­tives, based on a shared belief in man­made cli­mate change as a crit­i­cal secu­ri­ty and […]

A Heartless Congressional Blunder!

A Teacher’s Per­spec­tive on the “Every Child Achieves Act of 2015” by Dawn Hoagland, gut­sy pub­lic school teacher and reg­u­lar con­trib­u­tor to ABCSOFDUMBDOWN.BLOGSPOT.COM The “Every Child Achieves Act” has passed unan­i­mous­ly out of the Health, Edu­ca­tion, Labor, and Pen­sion Com­mit­tee in the Sen­ate. The usu­al sus­pects are singing its prais­es while the peo­ple who actu­al­ly read […]