Archives for April 16, 2015

Colorado Legislature Isn’t Waiting For Supreme Court Decision On EPA’s Mercury Rule

TIME’S A WASTIN’: Ahead of the Supreme Court deci­sion on the EPA’s Mer­cury Rule, the Col­orado Leg­is­la­ture is tak­ing mat­ters into it’s own hands. Col­orado is not bend­ing eas­i­ly to the new fed­er­al restric­tions from Envi­ron­men­tal Pro­tec­tion Agency’s Mer­cury and Air Tox­i­cs Stan­dards (MATS), also known as the “Mer­cury Rule,” which is cur­rent­ly being dis­put­ed in […]

Revealed: A Secret Monsanto Document In The Maui GMO Case

Imag­ine you are a lawyer argu­ing a case before a judge. There is no jury. The judge will decide the out­come. The judge tells you, “Look, the oth­er side, your oppo­nents in this case, have filed doc­u­ments with me. These doc­u­ments are at the heart of their argu­ment. I can’t allow you to read the […]