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How California Went Dry

Gov. Jer­ry Brown of Cal­i­for­nia is fired up about nail­ing his cit­i­zens to the wall, should they dare to use more than their allot­ted amount of water. On Sun­day, Brown said that those who did not take short­er show­ers would be pun­ished with fines of up to $500, in order to cut urban water use […]

California Water Authorities Using Smart Meter Data as Evidence to Impose Fines

The smart grid isn’t com­ing. It’s already here. Every­where people’s hous­es are being fit­ted if they already haven’t with smart elec­tric meters and smart water meters. These meters com­mu­ni­cate real-time usage data via radio fre­quen­cy (which comes with its own set of health prob­lems). Essen­tial­ly, con­sump­tion of util­i­ties in your home is being big brother […]