Archives for April 7, 2015

An Appeal From A Koasek Family

We are a con­cerned fam­i­ly, liv­ing in the ter­ror of geo engi­neered skies, in the state of Ver­mont. We also belong to the Koasek Abena­ki Nation in our state. Our ances­tors passed down a strong under­stand­ing of the inter-relat­ed­­ness between peo­ple and nature. Our lives would not be worth liv­ing if we spent every day […]

News from North Carolina

I just received this attach­ment and the e‑mail that fol­lows my note here from the men in North Car­oli­na who are giv­ing their all to rid North Car­oli­na of the “red” wolves that have always been no more than hybrid dog/coyote/wolf mon­grels.  The name “red” is about as bio­log­i­cal­ly sig­nif­i­cant as is “red” Dober­man. These […]