Buffalo as Metaphors

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Jim Beers, retired Refuge Manager, Special Agent, & Wildlife Biologist U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

Jim Beers, retired Refuge Man­ag­er, Spe­cial Agent, & Wildlife Biol­o­gist U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

(METAPHOR, n. a fig­ure of speech in which a term or phrase is applied to some­thing to which it is not lit­er­al­ly applic­a­ble, in order to sug­gest a resem­blance, as “A mighty fortress is our God”.)

I have just fin­ished read­ing the lat­est fed­er­al EIS/Plan/Federal Reg­is­ter Notice/Request for Com­ments writ­ten by the US Nation­al Park Ser­vice (or is it the US Fish and Wildlife Ser­vice, or the US For­est Ser­vice, or some oth­er fed­er­al bureau­cra­cy — I for­get) about FREE ROAMING BUFFALO IN THE YELLOWSTONE ECOSYSTEM (my underline).

Think about that for a moment – A Fed­er­al Plan for a com­mon crit­ter through­out AN ECOSYSTEM!  Trans­la­tion; since “Ecosys­tem” can be what­ev­er you choose it to be, this fed­er­al plan com­posed by fed­er­al (i.e. unac­count­able) bureau­crats, and buf­fa­lo being the crit­ters they are, these cen­tral gov­ern­ment “plan­ners” are out­lin­ing what they will do – 1) in Yel­low­stone Park, 2) on the fed­er­al lands beyond Yel­low­stone Park bound­aries, 3) on pri­vate prop­er­ty sur­round­ing Yel­low­stone Park, and 4) on all the pub­lic and pri­vate prop­er­ty sur­round­ing all the pub­lic and pri­vate prop­er­ty that sur­rounds Yel­low­stone Nation­al Park.  Shades of Sovi­et Cen­tral Plan­ners cre­at­ing Stalin’s “Plan” to starve mil­lions of Ukraini­ans to kill all the farm­ers that thought they still owned their land and replace them with the Sovi­et Col­lec­tive Farms that, like this buf­fa­lo luna­cy, will be a harm­ful and dis­mal fail­ure, except in the halls of gov­ern­ment where bureau­crats will slap each oth­er on the back like the Sovi­ets did for 60 years while giv­ing each oth­er bonus­es as peo­ple, fam­i­lies and their com­mu­ni­ties disappeared.

There is NO author­i­ty or juris­dic­tion for fed­er­al bureau­crats to con­sid­er, much less delin­eate, where buf­fa­lo will occur or under what con­di­tions they will be tol­er­at­ed and who will pay for it OUTSIDE THE EXCLUSIVE JURISDICTION of Yel­low­stone Nation­al Park.  Yel­low­stone Nation­al Park is unique in this char­ac­ter that it shares with only the Dis­trict of Colum­bia.  State gov­ern­ments have juris­dic­tion under the Con­sti­tu­tion over the plants and ani­mals in or about to be in their state regard­less of who (fed­er­al, non-prof­it, pri­vate, etc.) owns it.


-       Buf­fa­lo are not “endan­gered”.

-       Buf­fa­lo are among the most dan­ger­ous ani­mals encoun­tered by vis­i­tors to the var­i­ous U.S. and Cana­di­an Nation­al Parks and will attack humans if pro­voked. They appear slow because of their lethar­gic move­ments but can eas­i­ly out­run humans—bison have been observed run­ning as fast as 40 miles per hour (64 km/h).  This fact is stu­dious­ly either avoid­ed or down­played in the fed­er­al “plans”.

-       Between 1980 and 1999, more than three times as many peo­ple in Yel­low­stone Nation­al Park were injured by buf­fa­lo than by bears. Dur­ing this peri­od, buf­fa­lo charged and injured 79 peo­ple, with injuries rang­ing from gor­ing punc­ture wounds and bro­ken bones to bruis­es and abra­sions. Bears injured 24 peo­ple dur­ing the same time frame. Three peo­ple died from the injuries inflicted—one per­son by buf­fa­lo in 1983, and two peo­ple by bears in 1984 and 1986.

-       Romance Biol­o­gy accounts of the “mas­sacre” of buf­fa­lo by “hunters” in the 1800’s nev­er men­tion how towns, roads, farms and ranch­es could have ever been estab­lished, much less co-exist­ed, with free-roam­ing buffalo.

-       Romance biol­o­gy accounts of the dis­ap­pear­ance of buf­fa­lo also men­tion fre­quent­ly that “live­stock dis­eases dec­i­mat­ed buf­fa­lo”; fed­er­al plan­ners today down­play and ignore the threat that free-roam­ing buf­fa­lo would present to live­stock such as bru­cel­losis, hoof-and-mouth, BSE (Mad Cow) and Anthrax.

-       Buf­fa­lo are can­tan­ker­ous; a point I thought about as I hunt­ed pheas­ants in Mon­tana prairie hill coun­try slat­ed for a free-roam­ing buf­fa­lo ref­er­en­dum that was sound­ly reject­ed soon after my vis­it.  (There was a BIG sign by the church entrance on Sun­day morn­ing that read, “NO BUFFALO IN MALTA!”) Imag­ine some guys on foot with shot­guns behind dogs com­ing on a band of buf­fa­lo that get irri­tat­ed by the dog’s, miles from any­thing but grass, pheas­ants and sharp­tails.  Where do the dogs go?  Why to YOU.  Who storms after the dogs?  Why the buf­fa­lo.  What do you do?  Why you either die or suf­fer injuries that YOU will be blamed for caus­ing by some sort of reg­u­la­to­ry vio­la­tion based on some Romance Biol­o­gy Professor’s nos­trum paid for by government.

-       Imag­ine liv­ing where buf­fa­lo knock down fences (com­mon­ly); where buf­fa­lo wan­der through crops and destroy them rou­tine­ly; where buf­fa­lo (they are dark and heavy like moose) stand­ing in coun­try roads are struck by vehi­cles caus­ing death, injuries, and prop­er­ty destruc­tion to local men, women and kids; and where buf­fa­lo attacks on live­stock are common.


But I digress: in what way you may ask are buf­fa­lo, metaphors?  Let me count the ways.


Buf­fa­lo and their enablers are like:


Fed­er­al Wolf Plan­ners that bear no respon­si­bil­i­ty for the lies and may­hem they cre­ate for their own ben­e­fit and the con­tin­ued reelec­tion and spon­sor­ship of their polit­i­cal patrons.


State Wolf Plan­ners that do fed­er­al bid­ding and spend scarce hunt­ing and fish­ing rev­enue mon­ey on fed­er­al schemes designed to ulti­mate­ly destroy hunt­ing and fishing.


State Bureau­crats that express only con­tempt and dis­dain for res­i­dents of their state and Local gov­ern­ments in their State that object to wolves, griz­zlies and pro­tect­ed moun­tain lions in their communities.


Wolves that spread dis­ease, kill domes­tic ani­mals like dogs and live­stock, kill or com­pete with more desir­able (to sports­men and local com­mu­ni­ties) game ani­mals, and present clear and present dan­gers to humans forced to coex­ist with them.


Wolf Enablers in that they (their major­i­ty) live else­where; do not raise live­stock; do not hunt, fish or trap; and do not rely for effec­tive local gov­ern­ment rep­re­sen­ta­tion on Coun­ty gov­ern­ments and their rev­enue streams.


Griz­zly Bear Advo­cates that spread and pro­tect these very dan­ger­ous and very destruc­tive ani­mals based on lies and denials of deaths, destruc­tion and injuries.  Griz­zly bears, like wolves, no more belong in the set­tled land­scapes of the Low­er 48 States than ele­phants, tigers or Nile Croc­o­diles belong here in this day and age.


Anti-Hunt­ing/An­i­mal Rights Rad­i­cals that promise to com­pen­sate loss­es from these ani­mals but nev­er do: that deny the truths right before their eyes with wide­spread pro­pa­gan­da in enthu­si­as­tic news­pa­pers, TV, and school class­rooms; and all the while forc­ing (through law­suits) state fish and wildlife agen­cies to drain their funds for wildlife man­age­ment on these pro­grams to destroy hunt­ing and rur­al Amer­i­can life.


Envi­ron­men­tal­ists and their hid­den agen­das to vacate rur­al Amer­i­ca by a com­bi­na­tion of gov­ern­ment land pur­chase; fed­er­al­ly-financed and coor­di­nat­ed sur­ro­gate pur­chas­es of key ease­ments and land options; clo­sure of roads; clo­sure of pub­lic lands to man­age­ment, use, graz­ing, log­ging, hunt­ing by con­trived claims of “impor­tance”, Wilder­ness, Road­less, Sanc­tu­ar­ies and oth­er bureau­crat­ic cre­ations; and the elim­i­na­tion of Local gov­ern­ments while simul­ta­ne­ous­ly co-opt­ing state bureaucracies.


Cen­tral Gov­ern­ment and World Gov­ern­ment Activists that envi­sion a world THEY RULE where there are no such things as Con­sti­tu­tion­al guar­an­tees, Con­gres­sion­al over­sight, Judi­cial Review, pri­vate prop­er­ty, or the oppor­tu­ni­ty for local com­mu­ni­ties to live in peace and pros­per­i­ty, free from out­side influ­ences that only take from them for the ben­e­fit of others.


Pro­gres­sive (choose your own term here) Activists that believe that ANYTHING you can gen­er­ate a major­i­ty, or influ­en­tial, or rich, seg­ment of the pop­u­la­tion to sup­port should be imposed by any means on the minor­i­ty or less pow­er­ful NO MATTER THEIR OBJECTIONS.


HHHMMMM, roll all the above togeth­er, put all their lit­tle hid­den agen­das and activ­i­ties in one pot, and what do you have?  What­ev­er you want to call IT; IT is a metaphor all its own.  IT is like:


-       Islamist “Plan­ners” out­lin­ing and incre­men­tal­ly forc­ing their world­view on the rest of the world, NO MATTER WHAT THEY THINK regard­less of civ­i­lized stan­dards of behav­ior or any moral considerations.

-       Sovi­et “Plan­ners” tak­ing advan­tage of every incre­men­tal oppor­tu­ni­ty to expand the Sovi­et Empire by what­ev­er means from lies and inva­sion to forcible occu­pa­tion. Nev­er for­get that the “Sovi­et” or “Russ­ian” nuclear plant at Cher­nobyl was in Ukraine, sur­round­ed by Ukraini­ans and not in Russia.

-       Mao’s “Plan­ners” destroy­ing the cities and intel­li­gentsia inside Chi­na while gob­bling up Tibet and the South Chi­na Sea’s resources out­side China.

-       Nazi “Plan­ners” lying about their plans for out­side Ger­many until resis­tance was impos­si­ble and then swift­ly invad­ing and estab­lish­ing con­cen­tra­tion camps and slave labor with the intent of killing “sub-humans”, enslav­ing “infe­ri­or races”, and restor­ing a Romance His­to­ry Fairy­land pop­u­lat­ed by “Pre-Roman” plants and ani­mals, “super-men” and the estates of Nazi overlords.

-       Mar­garet Sanger Pop­u­la­tion Con­trol “Plan­ners” jus­ti­fy­ing the mass mur­der of mil­lions of fel­low human beings by abor­tion and the ster­il­iza­tion of oth­ers by gov­ern­ment man­dates (Chi­na) with gov­ern­ment fund­ing based on racist beliefs and dis­re­gard for the intrin­sic val­ue of each human life.

-       Same-Sex Activists that appeal for “equal treat­ment” and then pro­ceed to destroy the legal con­cept of mar­riage and par­ent­hood and then destroy busi­ness­es, indi­vid­u­als and now church­es and Chap­lains that object to what they represent.

-       Gun Con­trol Advo­cates that get politi­cians to do any­thing, no mat­ter its Con­sti­tu­tion­al­i­ty, to ban ammu­ni­tion, restrict “only cer­tain” guns, nego­ti­ate and secret­ly write UN agree­ments to sub­vert the 2nd Amend­ment, and smug­gle guns to Mex­i­can killers as jus­ti­fi­ca­tion to restrict guns in the US; while protest­ing how they “hunt” and “don’t want to restrict all guns” and how they “respect” the 2nd Amendment.

-       Cur­rent Amer­i­can Soci­ety with its gov­ern­ment secre­cy; ero­sion of checks and bal­ances; vil­i­fi­ca­tion of police; flag bans on cam­pus­es; gov­ern­ment sex and race pref­er­ences; loss of local gov­ern­ment; debil­i­tat­ing debt; and grow­ing dis­parate jus­tice stan­dards based on wealth, gov­ern­ment stand­ing, and the polit­i­cal par­ty of the judge’s appoint­ing sponsor.



In the study of Log­ic you quick­ly encounter the Syl­lo­gism.  A syl­lo­gism is a ver­i­fi­able argu­ment where­in two ver­i­fi­able (i.e. true) premis­es explain, or lead to, a ver­i­fi­able con­clu­sion.  For instance:


Premise #1-

Buf­fa­lo are a cur­rent tool of a coali­tion of extrem­ist agen­das that aim to destroy Amer­i­can Con­sti­tu­tion­al governance.


Premise #2-

Cur­rent Amer­i­can Society’s Con­sti­tu­tion­al gov­er­nance is erod­ing at an accel­er­at­ing rate.



Buf­fa­lo are con­tribut­ing to the ero­sion of Con­sti­tu­tion­al gov­er­nance in Amer­i­ca Society.



Come to think of it; buf­fa­lo are far more than just a metaphor for our times.  They are but one of the destruc­tive forces we face and must overcome.


Jim Beers