Archives for March 23, 2015

Dollar Dies With A Whimper As Europeans “Defy” America And Back China-Led Bank

The signs have been high­light­ed over the years, the experts have shout­ed warn­ings, but Amer­i­cans insu­lat­ed by the MSM with sto­ries of how the dol­lar is strength­en­ing, the econ­o­my is grow­ing again, were the last to be told that the age of the US Dol­lars dom­i­nance across the globe, is at an end. His­tor­i­cal­ly world […]

Officials in Florida Back Off Land Restriction, Thanks to Property-Rights Watchdog

After almost two years of bat­tling local reg­u­la­tors, a small Hobe Sound, Fla. busi­ness is final­ly in the clear. Mar­tin Coun­ty offi­cials have decid­ed they will not levy $1,000 dai­ly fines against the Flash Beach Grille restau­rant for vio­lat­ing a decades’ old, unrecord­ed envi­ron­men­tal prop­er­ty restric­tion. Nev­er mind the local government’s beef stemmed from its own mistake, […]

School Officials Learning Coercive Interrogations Tactics to Extract Confessions from Kids

Adult inter­ro­ga­tion meth­ods do not belong in the class­room, so why are school admin­is­tra­tors through­out the Unit­ed States being trained to use them on their stu­dents in order to extract con­fes­sions? John E. Reid & Asso­ciates is the largest inter­ro­ga­tion train­er in the world and teach­es such meth­ods to hun­dreds of school admin­is­tra­tors each year. […]