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Go to Prison for Sharing Files? That’s What Hollywood Wants in the Secret TPP Deal

The Trans-Pacif­ic Part­ner­ship agree­ment (TPP) pos­es mas­sive threats to users in a dizzy­ing num­ber of ways. It will force oth­er TPP sig­na­to­ries to accept the Unit­ed States’ exces­sive copy­right terms of a min­i­mum of life of the author plus 70 years, while lock­ing the US to the same lengths so it will be hard­er to […]


No Way ESEA! How Cor­po­ra­tions Prof­it from Hyped Up Edu­ca­tion Crises   “Pear­son wields enor­mous influ­ence over Amer­i­can edu­ca­tion. It writes the text­books and tests that dri­ve instruc­tion in pub­lic schools across the nation.” POLITICO report­ed on Stephanie Simon’s arti­cle “No prof­it left behind: In the high-stakes world of Amer­i­can edu­ca­tion, Pear­son makes mon­ey even when […]

Ecosystems are Like the Tides

When I entered the US Navy in 1963 I took an exten­sive class in Nav­i­ga­tion.  One of the major sub­jects with­in the class was, “Tides”. In addi­tion to “high tide” and “low tide”; and spring tides and neap tides, our instruc­tor men­tioned a par­tic­u­lar con­cept that was both pecu­liar to those times and a likely […]