Who is Robert Pondiscio and What Does He Think About the Questioning of Common Core?

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Robert Pondiscio

Robert Pondis­cio


This is what hap­pens when an edu­ca­tion reformer doesn’t want to answer seri­ous ques­tions about Com­mon Core. He blocks ‘rav­ing mani­acs’ (parents/taxpayers/teachers/administrators) con­cerned about the lack of research/data on Com­mon Core and the fact that the creators/validation Com­mit­tee had to sign non-dis­clo­sure agree­ments. He insists he wants to deal in facts but when asked about these facts, this is his response:

pondiscio-twitter-560x230duca­tionI guess he’s not real­ly into that ‘emo­tion­al’ cam­paign his co-work­er Michael Petril­li at Ford­ham Insti­tute believes is nec­es­sary to win par­ents over to Com­mon Core approval. Appar­ent­ly that cam­paign is not real­ly geared toward par­ents if this is the tac­tic used by the reform­ers when they are not inter­est­ed in con­vers­ing with the peo­ple who are pay­ing the tax­es and pro­vid­ing their chil­dren for the reforms tout­ed by the likes of Ford­ham. Cut­ting them out of the con­ver­sa­tion and deci­sions has been reg­u­lar oper­a­tional tech­niques from the spe­cial inter­est groups and the elites, so no one should be sur­prised by his action.

Here’s a sam­pling of the ‘rav­ing’ mani­a­cal ques­tions posed to him when he insist­ed he want­ed to deal with the FACTS about Com­mon Core:

questions-to-pondiscioThere real­ly is a ‘them’ vs ‘us’ in edu­ca­tion reform. We are just sup­posed to accept what­ev­er it is they design and keep qui­et about it. We should know our place. At least there is some­thing trans­par­ent about edu­ca­tion­al reform policy.