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ESEA & your property taxes!

Elim­i­nat­ing prop­er­ty tax­es aligns with the  ESEA Re-autho­riza­­­tion bill! The fol­low­ing alert by Ani­ta Hoge per­tains to a bill in the state of Penn­syl­va­nia (HB 76, The Prop­er­ty Tax Inde­pen­dence Act), but it could just as eas­i­ly apply to your local state. Do you know what it lurk­ing in your state’s leg­is­la­tion? Read this very impor­tant alert. Eliminating […]

Arkansas Takes Away 7 Homeschool Children because Father had Unapproved Mineral Supplement

FA Note: Lit­tle is heard today of what might be called “Sus­tain­able Med­i­cine”. It exists, but not specif­i­cal­ly with­in Agen­da 21. The Codex Ali­men­ta­r­ius Com­mis­sion was cre­at­ed by the UN, cov­er­ing all foods. The U.S. FDA’s pol­i­cy is that Codex super­sedes U.S. laws. Fur­ther­more, the U.S. pas­sage of CAFTA requires the U.S. to con­form to […]

Asset Forfeiture and the Cycle of Electronic Surveillance Funding

EFF Note: The bulk of the research in this post was com­piled pri­or to Attor­ney Gen­er­al Eric Hold­er’s sur­prise announce­ment that he is cur­tail­ing the fed­er­al equi­table shar­ing pro­gram. The post may be updat­ed as fur­ther ram­i­fi­ca­tions of the pol­i­cy deci­sion become clear. “You fol­low drugs, you get drug addicts and drug deal­ers. But you […]