Charlotte and Anita blasted

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Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt

Anti-Com­mon Core lead­ers rattled

Joy PullmanWord must be out amongst the pro-tax-fund­ed school choice and anti-Com­mon Core peo­ple about my blog. They don’t like it. We are telling the truth about their pho­ny “choice.”

Joy Pull­man, researcher at Heart­land Insti­tute, which sup­ports Skin­ner­ian oper­ant con­di­tion­ing and which has recent­ly pub­lished a book enti­tled Rewards, recent­ly wrote the fol­low­ing com­ment to anti-Com­mon Core leadership:

I’ve dis­cussed Char­lotte and Ani­ta Hoge with a num­ber of folks, and my con­clu­sion is that both go way too far into con­spir­a­cy ter­ri­to­ry. As for Koch, they do sup­port Free­dom­Works and FW has been strong anti-CC for a long time. I don’t think the Kochs or FW or any­one is per­fect, but nei­ther do I think it appro­pri­ate to tar and feath­er peo­ple just because they have mon­ey. Yes, that includes Bill Gates.”

Rewards adOur com­ment could be: If hav­ing doc­u­ment­ed research puts those opposed to tax-fund­ed school choice and char­ters with no elect­ed boards into con­spir­a­cy ter­ri­to­ry, so be it. This is the easy way out for those who can’t sub­stan­ti­ate their posi­tions. This is the way they react to sound research. That com­ment proves how lack­ing in edu­ca­tion his­to­ry are those sup­port­ing tax-fund­ed school choice.

Also, those of us con­tribut­ing to posts on abc­sof­dumb­down have nev­er object­ed to neo­con­ser­v­a­tives and cor­po­ratists hav­ing money.

That is not the point. Mon­ey or not, their prin­ci­ples are uncon­sti­tu­tion­al and damaging.