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Appeals Court to Hear Oral Arguments in Idaho Woman’s Case Against NSA Spying

EFF, ACLU Sup­port Smith in Fight­ing Mass Sur­veil­lance Before Ninth Cir­cuit Seat­tle — An appeals court will hear oral argu­ments in Smith v. Oba­ma, a case filed by an Ida­ho nurse against a con­tro­ver­sial Nation­al Secu­ri­ty Agency (NSA) tele­phone data col­lec­tion pro­gram, in Seat­tle on Mon­day, Dec. 8. Anna Smith, a neona­tal nurse from Coeur d’A­lene, […]

Chinese Mom Spills The Red Beans!

Tells the truth about Com­mon Core being Com­mu­nist!  Watch Lily’s speech by watch­ing the video. I have been warn­ing for years that this is Com­mu­nist. Here is an amaz­ing and coura­geous teti­mo­ny by Lily Tang Williams! Her speech is report­ed about in an arti­cle titled Chi­­nese-Amer­i­­can Mom Says Com­mon Core Is Just Like Edu­ca­tion in Communist […]

Quietly Coercing a Vassals and Fiefdoms Future for All of Us While Hyping Economic Development

I actu­al­ly am not nos­tal­gic for the cas­tles, moats, or medieval armor. For one thing I like to cook, but not with­out cen­tral­ized plumb­ing or over an open hearth. No, I keep think­ing of terms from the Mid­dle Ages because pub­lic poli­cies being qui­et­ly enact­ed in the Unit­ed States as well as oth­er coun­tries via […]