Testing for Explosives in the Chicago Subway

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Bruce Schneier

Bruce Schneier

As with all aspects of the New World Order — It’s All About Control

Chica­go is doing ran­dom explo­sives screen­ings at ran­dom L stops in the Chica­go area. Com­pli­ance is voluntary:

Police made no arrests but one rid­er refused to sub­mit to the screen­ing and left the sta­tion with­out inci­dent, Mal­oney said.


Pas­sen­gers can decline the screen­ing, but will not be allowed to board a train at that sta­tion. Rid­ers can leave that sta­tion and board a train at a dif­fer­ent station.

I have to won­der what would hap­pen if some­one who looks Arab refused to be screened. And what pos­si­ble val­ue this pro­ce­dure has. Any­one who has a bomb in their bag would see the screen­ing point well before approach­ing it, and be able to walk to the next stop with­out poten­tial­ly arous­ing suspicion.