Population Control via Water Control

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Dr. Kate Vandemoer

Dr. Kate Vandemoer

Dr. Kate Van­de­mo­er out­lines the Fed­er­al grab for con­trol of water out West.

One does not need to achieve a very high lev­el of edu­ca­tion to real­ize that water is the bio­log­i­cal basis for all of mankind, and our most valu­able and nec­es­sary resource. In fact, very few peo­ple read­ing this would sur­vive more than a hand­ful of days with­out ade­quate water. Sim­ply put, water is life.

As with any com­mod­i­ty of lim­it­ed sup­ply, cor­po­ra­tions, king­pins and gov­ern­ments all maneu­ver into posi­tions of con­trol; often work­ing in con­cert to achieve a qua­si-monop­oly. Numer­ous exam­ples of this through­out his­to­ry can be revealed with the prop­er search terms. Out West, the Fed­er­al Gov­ern­ment, the State of Mon­tana and the Native Amer­i­can tribes are work­ing to form just such a monop­oly; at the expense, of course, of the cit­i­zens of Mon­tana and sur­round­ing states. What would facil­i­tate this monop­oly? The CSKT Water Compact.

The CSKT Water Com­pact, in its cur­rent form, is mere­ly a dis­guise by the Feds to con­trol all of the water out West, using the Native Amer­i­can tribes as prox­ies. As I have out­lined pre­vi­ous­ly, the pas­sage of the CSKT Water Com­pact, in its cur­rent form, would cause a cas­cade of sim­i­lar com­pacts nation­wide; which would infringe upon the very water that you use every day, with few excep­tions. As the CSKT Water Com­pact is wide­ly rec­og­nized as a “for­ev­er” doc­u­ment, we are lit­er­al­ly in a bat­tle for the lives and futures of our pos­ter­i­ty. The seri­ous­ness of this fight can­not be over­looked, and few peo­ple are on the front lines engag­ing the ene­my. One such fight­er is Hydrol­o­gist, Dr. Cather­ine Vandemoer.

Dr. Kate, as she is known by her friends, is prob­a­bly the most active, knowl­edge­able and qual­i­fied per­son in the world to address the dan­gers of the cur­rent CSKT Water Com­pact. Dr. Kate spent 25+ years work­ing for Native Amer­i­can tribes across the coun­try help­ing them to secure water rights. Despite her long friend­ship with Native Amer­i­cans, Dr. Kate couldn’t stand by and let the peo­ple out West have their water stolen from them by the Feds. I not only con­sid­er Dr. Kate a per­son who is at the “tip of the spear” in this fight, I also con­sid­er her a friend. I was delight­ed when Dr. Kate accept­ed my invi­ta­tion to join my co-host Jason and I live on The Lib­er­ty Broth­ers Radio Show. A link to the full inter­view can be seen below.