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The Common Core Charter School Agenda

The elec­tion is over. What next?” The char­ter school agen­da is crank­ing up into high gear. This quote at the top was in the “Sub­ject” line of an e‑mail from Nina Rees of the Nation­al Alliance for Pub­lic Char­ter Schools sent today (11/6/14). This is the planned agen­da for the char­ter schools now that the elections […]

Smart Cities: Understanding the Untapped Value of Sensor Data

Tech­nol­o­gy lead­ers in three cities imag­ine how they would har­ness Chicago’s inno­v­a­tive sen­sor pilot in their com­mu­ni­ties This fall, Chica­go will install a net­work of 40 sen­sors to dis­cov­er how new data sets can inform deci­sions that make the city a bet­ter place to live. The Array of Things ini­tia­tive will begin with devices being […]

Common Core Coffin

The Final Nail in the Edu­ca­tion Cof­fin See Pro­posed Bal­lot Propo­si­tions at the New York Board of Elec­tions web­site: TAXPAYERS APPROVE TWO BILLION DOLLARS FOR NEW YORK’S SKINNERIAN SMART SCHOOLS (AND COMMUNITIES!). This is the FINAL NAIL in the cof­fin of brain-based edu­ca­tion and true local con­trol. As C.S. Lewis quipped, “When train­ing beats […]

Common Core “Mental Health”

The Death of the Con­science UNESCO’S LONG- PLANNED MENTAL HEALTH PROGRAM ARRIVES! Eighty years in the mak­ing! This is an old agen­da. And you may find its roots disturbing!

Government claims about pocket gopher protection remain flawed

Sixth in a series on a new ESA list­ing. We will pub­lish addi­tions to the series if/as they are writ­ten. A new addi­tion to the Endan­gered Species Act, the Maza­ma pock­et gopher, is found to have popped up in the lush, rainy forests and moun­tains of the Pacif­ic North­west.  And who can blame him?  The forests and […]

City expands surveillance system to include private cameras of residents, businesses

This expand­ing “vol­un­tary” sur­veil­lance net­work is a pub­­lic-pri­­vate part­ner­ship, allow­ing police detec­tives access to video footage in most loca­tions only where crimes have already occured. Such net­works can­not guar­an­tee to pre­vent crime; they record crime. “Baltimore’s Citi­Watch video sur­veil­lance pro­gram has expand­ed over the past eight years from an ini­tial instal­la­tion of 50 stand­alone cam­eras to more than 600 net­worked closed-circuit […]

Common Core: A Lesson Plan for Raising up Compliant, Non-thinking Citizens

As I point out in my new book, A Gov­ern­ment of Wolves: The Emerg­ing Amer­i­can Police State, there are sev­er­al meth­ods for con­trol­ling a pop­u­la­tion. You can intim­i­date the cit­i­zen­ry into obe­di­ence through force, rely­ing on mil­i­tary strength and weapon­ry such as SWAT team raids, mil­i­ta­rized police, and a vast array of lethal and nonlethal […]

Common Core Mental Cruelty

STRAIGHT OUT OF A SOVIET COMMUNIST TEXTBOOK! “The kids who come to us are a clean slate.… It’s the adults who have to be retrained.” Read the fol­low­ing arti­cle and learn how par­ents are being retrained — but not just in math skills! “Com­mon Core math can be a mys­tery, and par­ents are going to school […]