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Is Water The New Enron? — Fake Crises, Fake Bills, And Fake Solutions

In places like Ben­ton Har­bor, Michi­gan and Detroit, there is some­thing called the emer­gency man­ag­er, which essen­tial­ly is a local dic­ta­tor. He can depose the may­or and offer decrees and answer to no one except the gov­er­nor. In these two cities and oth­ers, because they are lack­ing tax rev­enue (because of lack of indus­try) they […]

Common Core: Gates & Global Oligarchs Controlling the Future Through Our Children

  The infor­ma­tion pre­sent­ed here should shock you, rock you to your foun­da­tion and make you angry. So please read and watch all that is pre­sent­ed. You will find it well worth your time and effort, and an epiphany is all but guar­an­teed. “Com­mon core was nev­er intend­ed to make our chil­dren bet­ter or to […]

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano — Natural Law as restraint against tyranny

Judge Andrew P. Napoli­tano, once a Fox News TV show host — and now an out­spo­ken crit­ic of the US gov­ern­ment — deliv­ered a short, intrigu­ing, and, I believe, impor­tant speech at the Mis­es Insti­tute in Cos­ta Mesa, Cal­i­for­nia, on Novem­ber 8th, 2014. He began by talk­ing about the ori­gins of Nat­ur­al Laws, begin­ning with this […]

Renewable energy ‘simply WON’T WORK’: Top Google engineers

Wind­mills, solar, tidal — all a ‘false hope’, say Stan­ford PhDs Two high­ly qual­i­fied Google engi­neers who have spent years study­ing and try­ing to improve renew­able ener­gy tech­nol­o­gy have stat­ed quite blunt­ly that renew­ables will nev­er per­mit the human race to cut CO2 emis­sions to the lev­els demand­ed by cli­mate activists. What­ev­er the future holds, it […]

Population Control via Water Control

Dr. Kate Van­de­mo­er out­lines the Fed­er­al grab for con­trol of water out West. One does not need to achieve a very high lev­el of edu­ca­tion to real­ize that water is the bio­log­i­cal basis for all of mankind, and our most valu­able and nec­es­sary resource. In fact, very few peo­ple read­ing this would sur­vive more than a […]

When the Time Comes We’ll Need to Step Up the Fight Against TPP’s Secret, Anti-User Agenda

If you missed our live teach-in yes­ter­day on the Trans-Pacif­ic Part­ner­ship (TPP) agree­ment and its restric­tive, anti-user pro­vi­sions, you can still check out the video of our dis­cus­sion. It’s embed­ded below. We invit­ed experts from dig­i­tal rights groups from sev­er­al TPP countries—all mem­bers of the Fair Deal Coali­tion—and we dis­cussed the var­i­ous ways this massive, […]

Plan Bay Area – A Shocking Theft Of Our Democracy

Our local media has been drop­ping broad, con­fus­ing hints about some­thing big, some­thing immi­nent, com­ing to the greater Bay Area. A front page arti­cle in the San Fran­cis­co Chron­i­cle in March 2013, titled “Hard Choic­es for a grow­ing S.F.” begins, “San Fran­cis­co res­i­dents will be get­ting thou­sands of new neigh­bors in the next 30 years, and […]

EPA regs to increase Vermonters’ gas and electric bills by $880

By 2020, the aver­age annu­al house­hold gas and elec­tric bill in Ver­mont will increase by more than $880, thanks to the Oba­ma administration’s pro­pos­al to reg­u­late car­bon diox­ide emis­sions from U.S. pow­er plants. A study released Thurs­day by Ener­gy Ven­tures Analy­sis, a Vir­ginia-based con­sult­ing firm, finds that EPA reg­u­la­tions will spike pow­er and gas costs […]