Common Core-upt Charters

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Arne Duncan in New Orleans

Arne Dun­can in New Orleans

One post after the oth­er (below) from the so-called school choice edu­ca­tion experts relates to “every­thing you ever want­ed to know — pro and con — about char­ter schools.”

Be sure to watch this video! Listen to this mother's pleas!

Be sure to watch this video! Lis­ten to this moth­er’s pleas!

Watch the video at “DISCUSS: Are Char­ter Schools Ben­e­fi­cial To Edu­ca­tion?” Learn­ing Mat­ters, 9/20/11: 

Char­ters are sup­posed to be the panacea! But they have prob­lems — doc­u­ment­ed in this video. Except it does­n’t state the major prob­lem: they are run by unelect­ed coun­cils rather than elect­ed school boards!

If you can find one com­ment relat­ed to their not hav­ing elect­ed boards in this video report, I will give you five dollars!

Obama CharterRelate this igno­rance (relat­ed to the U.S. Con­sti­tu­tion) of so-called school choice edu­ca­tion experts in 2014 to the fol­low­ing quote from Vital Speech­es for the New Social Order, Augus­tine Rudd, 1948, wrote that “a care­ful­ly con­duct­ed sur­vey recent­ly revealed that near­ly two-thirds of our col­lege stu­dents favored socialism.”

New Orleans schoolNo won­der in thou­sands of words regard­ing char­ter schools, even includ­ing doc­u­ment­ing their many prob­lems, there is not one word — NO MENTION — of the fact that they oper­ate with unelect­ed boards, out­side of the over­sight and account­abil­i­ty to local vot­ers, cit­i­zens and parents.