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Hundreds of US schools now participating in program led by ‘ISIS supporting’ Qatari government

WASHINGTON, D.C. – More than 300 K‑12 schools in Amer­i­ca have joined Pres­i­dent Obama’s Con­nect All Schools ini­tia­tive since its launch­ing in March of 2011. The ini­tia­tive, which seeks to “con­nect every school in the US with the world by 2016,” is a part­ner­ship of the US Depart­ment of Edu­ca­tion, US Depart­ment of State, and Qatar […]

Climate Activists Tout Effectiveness Of School Brainwashing

Cli­mate change activists are tout­ing new evi­dence demon­strat­ing the effec­tive­ness of edu­ca­tion­al pro­grams that seek to trans­form Amer­i­can school­child­ren into anti-car­bon activists through the pow­er of ani­ma­tion and freestyle rap­ping. The Alliance for Cli­mate Edu­ca­tion (ACE) is a non-prof­it orga­ni­za­tion that seeks to edu­cate stu­dents on cli­mate sci­ence and inspire them to take col­lec­tive action […]

The Common Core Method

Free or Not Free? That is the ques­tion! Note the Skin­ner­ian lan­guage inher­ent in this book’s title:PROGRAMMED LEARNING: EVOLVING PRINCIPLES AND INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS (Foun­da­tion for Research on Human Behav­ior: Ann Arbor, Mich., 1961) edit­ed by Jerome P. Lysaught (see blog post ear­li­er on this top­ic). From a chap­ter authored by Robert Glaser apt­ly titled “Prin­ci­ples of Programming”: […]