School-To-Prison-Pipeline” System?

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Charlotte Thomson IserbytDay 17: Skin­ner Hor­ror Files

Oper­ant Con­di­tion­ing Includes PUNISHMENT

PunishmentDon’t ever for­get this! Penal­ties, pun­ish­ment… it is all part of the sys­tem of oper­ant con­di­tion­ing and an inte­gral part of the method. And when par­ents find out about this, they often get upset. Very upset.

Read this arti­cle: “Mom Says NO to School Sys­tem Intim­i­da­tion,” Sep­tem­ber 26, 2014, by Heather Callaghan, Con­trib­u­tor, Wak­ing Times. Here is the summary:

This British mum smacks down the pun­ish­ing cul­ture of the pub­lic school sys­tem. She gives a chill­ing account of what hap­pened when her son was giv­en con­fus­ing com­mands, humil­i­at­ed in front of class, brought to tears and trau­ma and how it was cov­ered up with a false accu­sa­tion towards him from the sys­tem. She didn’t just take to YouTube, how­ev­er – she con­front­ed them.…

She also explores “the Bul­ly­ing phenomenon”.…

And, last­ly, she alludes to Com­mon Pur­pose. Offi­cial­ly, it pos­es as a char­i­ty for “lead­er­ship devel­op­ment” edu­ca­tion and net­work­ing, but peo­ple in the UK (includ­ing teach­ers) have noticed a men­ac­ing and secre­tive force trick­ling into all facets of soci­ety that wreak of Com­mon Pur­pose, since 1985.….

Watch the video embed­ded in this arti­cle by click­ing this high­light­ed text. And then read the fol­low­ing below this image:

It can­not be denied that his kind of “force-over” sys­tem gets

pro­ject­ed onto stu­dents in the form of non­sen­si­cal, harsh

pun­ish­ments. No won­der peo­ple refer to this sys­tem as the

school-to-prison-pipeline” sys­tem. But it must also be stated

that there are many good peo­ple — good teach­ers and staff

who real­ly care — who are just as pinched by the commands

and fear tac­tics of the sys­tem as the stu­dents and parents.

They have told me repeat­ed­ly “I just want­ed to teach…”

and as more garbage gets piled on, they watch their dreams

slip into a nightmare.


Don't forget. This "shock grid" is part of behavioral psychology

Don’t for­get. This “shock grid” is part of behav­ioral psychology