The Roll Out of the Hitler Youth Movement Through the Common Core Invasive Data Mining of Our Children

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common-core-educate-dont-indoctrinateDave Hodges, The Common Sense ManThe peo­ple of this coun­try are speak­ing out, they are sick and tired of the intru­sive­ness of the Com­mon Stan­dards and the egre­gious vio­la­tions of our children’s civ­il lib­er­ties includ­ing their (and their par­ents) right to privacy.

The more Amer­i­cans know about Com­mon Core, the less they like the stan­dards. In fact, just 33% sup­port the stan­dards while 59% oppose Com­mon Core accord­ing to the annu­al PDK/Gallup Poll of the Public’s Atti­tudes Toward the Pub­lic Schools.

Even key politi­cians are get­ting into debate over Com­mon Core as Louisiana Gov­er­nor, Bob­by Jin­dal, filed a law­suit, this past sum­mer against the Oba­ma admin­is­tra­tion in which the Gov­er­nor claims that the Depart­ment of Edu­ca­tion is hold­ing states hostage with a form of mon­ey black­mail in order to attempt to get states to adopt the con­tro­ver­sial and unproven Com­mon Core standards.

I could write a trea­tise on the out­ra­geous aca­d­e­m­ic prac­tices that are emerg­ing from Com­mon Core. The rad­i­cal edu­ca­tion­al prac­tices asso­ci­at­ed with Com­mon Core come to us with­out so much as one shred of research based proof as to the effi­ca­cy of their “nov­el” approach­es and aca­d­e­m­ic sequenc­ing of sub­jects. How­ev­er, in this arti­cle, I am going to exclu­sive­ly focus on the vio­la­tions of our children’s civ­il lib­er­ties, the usurpa­tion of par­ents rights and the slip­pery slope that the extreme data min­ing of our chil­dren is tak­ing as we are look­ing more and more like a soci­ety that is intent on build­ing a mod­ern day Hitler Youth Move­ment where dis­sent and per­son­al expres­sion gives way to the col­lec­tive and to com­mu­nist con­cepts such as social justice.

The Com­mon Core Data Min­ing of Our Chil­dren Is Out of Control

Some schools use radio fre­quen­cy iden­ti­fi­ca­tion tags to track stu­dent loca­tion through­out the school day. Oth­er schools use what is referred to as “human mon­i­tor­ing ser­vices” that read stu­dent email and then con­tact local law enforce­ment when it is deemed nec­es­sary. Amaz­ing­ly, the par­ents of the chil­dren whose pri­va­cy is being vio­lat­ed will nev­er know what data is being collected.

InBloom, is one of those com­pa­nies who has access to your children’s most sen­si­tive data. InBloom is a non­prof­it cor­po­ra­tion based in Atlanta, and they have grant­ed them­selves the author­i­ty to col­lect infor­ma­tion from Atanta’s school dis­trict data­bas­es and store it in the cloud. Did you as a par­ent give per­mis­sion to them to store your child’s per­son­al information?

Did all par­ents sign a waiv­er grant­i­ng per­mis­sion to these pri­vate ven­dors to vio­late the pri­va­cy rights of our children?

InBloom has the back­ing of the ene­my of the com­mon man, name­ly Bill and Melin­da Gates. Bill Gates has don­tat­ed $100 mil­lion in seed mon­ey from the Bill and Melin­da Gates Foun­da­tion to InBloom. If the read­ers have read my recent arti­cles on Ebo­la and the sub­se­quent vac­cines, com­plete with all the accom­pa­ny­ing chi­canery, then you real­ize that the Amer­i­can peo­ple should recoil in repul­sion to any endeav­or that Bill Gates is involved in, espe­cial­ly when it comes to our chil­dren. Is any­one else sick of Bill Gates yet? Whether it is the Ebo­la vac­cine or being the orig­i­nal com­put­er rob­ber baron of the mod­ern age, Gates seem­ing­ly has his hand in every pie. We need to get this despot out of our children’s lives.

This data min­ing insan­i­ty has already spread into nine states. Every test score and every inter­ac­tion with a dig­i­tal learn­ing tool is record­ed. Data gath­er­ing includes health, fit­ness and sleep­ing habits, sex­u­al activ­i­ty, pre­scrip­tion drug use, alco­hol use and dis­ci­pli­nary mat­ters. Stu­dents’ atti­tudes, socia­bil­i­ty and even “enthu­si­asm” are quan­ti­fied, ana­lyzed, record­ed and dropped into giant data sys­tems.  New York State has already uploaded data on 90% of 2.7 mil­lion pub­lic school and char­ter school students.

Col­orado Is a Com­mu­nist Core Nightmare

Most Col­orado par­ents have no idea of the con­spir­a­cy that is on track for full imple­men­ta­tion by the 2015–2016 school year. The Col­orado ver­sion of this insan­i­ty, being imple­ment­ed by TS Gold with a $30  mil­lion dol­lar grant, mea­sures the “whole child.” The whole child is edu­ca­tion talk for com­plete and data min­ing inva­sive­ness which mea­sures children’s social com­pli­ance to author­i­ty as the cen­tral theme.

The term, the “Whole Child” means that TS Gold and InBloom are not just test­ing are [sic] for “lit­er­a­cy, math­e­mat­ics, sci­ence and tech­nol­o­gy, social stud­ies and the arts,” but also for “devel­op­men­tal domains includ­ing social emo­tion­al, phys­i­cal, lan­guage and cog­ni­tive devel­op­ment.” Stu­dents are rat­ed and record­ed on their abil­i­ty to do things like “respond to emo­tion­al cues,” “inter­act coop­er­a­tive­ly” and “coop­er­ate and share ideas and mate­ri­als in social­ly accept­able ways.

Under TS Gold, teach­ers are sub­ject­ed to exten­sive train­ing, at a time when they can­not keep up with the unproven pro­to­cols being imposed upon them by Com­mon Core. One of out three teach­ers are leav­ing the pro­fes­sion with­in five years of start­ing in the pro­fes­sion. This pro­gram will only serve to exac­er­bate the prob­lem of teacher attri­tion. And as if the relent­less gath­er­ing of data was not enough, now Col­orado teach­ers are being forced to upload stu­dent obser­va­tion­al data derived from video and audio record­ings as well as from teacher obser­va­tions. The infor­ma­tion is stored on “the cloud” and par­ents are unable to find out who has access to their children’s data. Is the data secure? How long will the data be stored? The data stor­age is often referred to as P 20. This means that this data min­ing of our chil­dren takes place at least from preschool through their entry into the labor force. Cer­tain­ly, this give edu­crats such as Bill Gates the oppor­tu­ni­ty to access the data and devise unproven pro­grams to sell back to the states in which oppor­tunists such as Gates can make even more money.

With regard to the vio­la­tion of stu­dent pri­va­cy and the usurpa­tion of the parental author­i­ty, par­ents are acqui­esc­ing to this ille­git­i­mate author­i­ty. Today, 42,000 Col­orado chil­dren are sub­ject­ed to this tyran­ny. In the 2015–2016 school year, every child in Col­orado will be fall under this total­i­tar­i­an umbrel­la that Hitler and Stal­in would be envi­ous of.

At least one Col­orado par­ent is not on board with this tyran­ni­cal vio­la­tion of children’s rights. Auro­ra, Col­orado par­ent, Lau­ren Cok­er, actu­al­ly dis­cov­ered that TS Gold asses­sors in her son’s pub­lic preschool had record­ed infor­ma­tion about her son’s trips to the bath­room, his hand-wash­ing habits and his abil­i­ty to pull up his pants. When Cok­er was not able to opt of the pro­gram because that would threat­en the rev­enue stream to the school from Com­mon Core, she had the good sense to pull her child from the school. Cok­er has tried unsuc­cess­ful­ly to get her son’s data removed from the cloud that the school uploaded his data to.

A More Sin­is­ter Motive Beyond Profit?

In a seem­ing­ly unre­lat­ed area, are you upset by the fact that your most inti­mate med­ical data is on file with the IRS under Oba­macare pro­vi­sions? This seems unre­lat­ed to the present top­ic at hand. How­ev­er, I do not think that is the case. This exces­sive data min­ing is tak­ing place at every lev­el of soci­ety. The TSA gets to grope you and your fam­i­ly as you trav­el on air­planes in an age where the TSA has not pre­vent­ed even one ter­ror­ist attack and any­one with Ebo­la can board a plane in Africa and trav­el to the Unit­ed States. The NSA, with­out a war­rant and in vio­la­tion of the Fourth Amend­ment, spies on your every elec­tron­ic com­mu­ni­ca­tion. And now the schools are spy­ing on your chil­dren in ways  were not even deemed pos­si­ble only just a few years ago.

The net effect of these intru­sive prac­tices, is that our coun­try is being total­ly brought under the police state sur­veil­lance grid and some­thing like the East Ger­man Stasi is over­see­ing these mas­sive intru­sions. It is bad enough that we are being forced to live in a bur­geon­ing police state as our Bill of Rights is evap­o­rat­ing before our very eyes. Now our chil­dren are being assessed for com­pli­ance skills in man­ner befit­ting the most author­i­tar­i­an regimes in the his­to­ry of the planet.

Is any­body else con­cerned about the nonaca­d­e­m­ic mea­sures that our chil­dren are being sub­ject­ed to? What do the con­structs of “Inter­act coop­er­a­tive­ly” and behave in some man­ner of arbi­trar­i­ly deter­mined “social­ly accept­able ways”? Social­ly accept­able to whom? Con­verse­ly, where is the data on the teach­ing of such inter­per­son­al skills as the abil­i­ty to debate and defend one’s own view­point? Why aren’t attrib­ut­es such as self-reliance and inde­pen­dence being taught in the Com­mon Core cur­ricu­lum? These are the skills that befit a repub­lic form of par­tic­i­pa­to­ry gov­ern­ment. The social com­pli­ance are skills need­ed to sur­vive under Pol Pot or Stal­in or Mao!

These “skills” being data mined by cor­po­ra­tions such at InBloom and TS Gold hav­ing NOTHING to do with education.


When the gov­ern­ment, through Com­mon Core acquires data on the com­pli­ance skills of your chil­dren, this should send chills up and down your spine. At min­i­mum, such data could be used to deter­mine employ­ment suit­abil­i­ty based upon the lev­el of com­pli­ance to author­i­ty. In the worst case sce­nario, and as has hap­pened so many times in despot­ic regimes in his­to­ry, is this a pre­lim­i­nary data gath­er­ing push which will ulti­mate­ly deter­mine who should live and who should be elim­i­nat­ed under this newest form of Fabi­an Social­ism being rolled out in Amer­i­ca under the cur­rent regime?hitler-youth-movement2

Let’ call this what it is, it is the estab­lish­ment of a mod­ern ver­sion of the Hitler Youth Movement!

When the “Com­mu­nist Core” intru­sive data min­ing prac­tices come to your child’s school, pre­sum­ably in the 2015–16 school year, or short­ly there­after, what will you, as a par­ent, do? Will you sub­mit to tyran­ny or will you inform your neigh­bors and take a stand? If push comes to shove, will you sub­mit or step up?

Atten­tion par­ents, your chil­dren depend on you to defend them from this tyran­ny. If you can­not con­vince your politi­cians to stop tak­ing cam­paign dona­tions from these unholy Edu­crat orga­ni­za­tions and take a stand against tyran­ny, then take your chil­dren out of the sys­tem and home-school them. If your state out­laws home­school­ing like what hap­pened in Ger­many, then be will­ing to defy author­i­ty and go to jail. You are the last line of defense for your children.