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Through my research, I have con­clud­ed that the New World Order is real.  It has form and func­tion.  There is a strat­e­gy to it.  And it is in fact, cross-gen­er­a­tional.  The pur­pose the media serves is to run cov­er for it.  That means they tell you the truth if it serves the agen­da.  They will lie to you if that’s what serves.  Most­ly what they do is to shape your per­cep­tion through care­ful selec­tion of facts with­in a lim­it­ed con­text.  News is a dai­ly bar­rage of sto­ries pre­sent­ed – whether writ­ten or spo­ken, in 3–5 minute seg­ments with his­tor­i­cal con­text – if giv­en at all, only with­in the recent past.   Every day is a “New” day and his­to­ry is what hap­pened last week.

Pret­ty much every­body knows that the aver­age news­pa­per is writ­ten to a 5th grade lev­el.  The top news­pa­pers in the coun­try are prob­a­bly writ­ten at about an 8th grade lev­el.  There is soft­ware that will parse text to deter­mine at what grade lev­el it was writ­ten – so that the author can dumb it down by remov­ing the poly­syl­la­bles.   The rea­son for it is pret­ty sim­ple.  The more com­plex the word, the more mean­ing the word conveys.

One word that is a very impor­tant word in today’s con­text – and in a his­tor­i­cal con­text is the word, syn­di­cate.  It’s not a word that was unfa­mil­iar to me.  In fact, I don’t know a time when I didn’t know that news­pa­pers were syn­di­cat­ed.  When we had laws regard­ing monop­o­lies, there was a lim­it on the num­ber of news­pa­pers and radio sta­tions that a sin­gle enti­ty could own.  The way the news media got around that was by syn­di­cat­ing sto­ries – with one or two com­pa­nies pro­vid­ing nation­al and inter­na­tion­al con­tent for local news­pa­pers.  Pre­sum­ably, this was allowed in the name of effi­cien­cy and cost sav­ings – the top two com­mand­ments in a cap­i­tal­ist country.

Amer­i­can Her­itage Dic­tio­nary:    Syn­di­cate        Refresh your memory

A few days ago, I got an email from anoth­er researcher, William Blair, that con­tained the fol­low­ing paragraphs:

1. Synar­chist Inter­na­tion­al; CAPSTONE DOCTRINE supremacy—Co-mingling civil­ian / mil­i­tary author­i­ty: glob­al inter­op­er­abil­i­ty; Spe­cial Oper­a­tions Com­mand Cen­tral (SOCCENT, SOC FWD), Vil­lage Sta­bil­i­ty Operations—Indigenous train­ers to men­tor oth­er mil­i­tary per­son­nel, on a glob­al COLLABORATIVE sys­tem basis.

This amend­ment includes, but is not lim­it­ed to the following.

____[14] Synar­chism (Synar­chist International).
[Auditor’s Nota­tion: “Synar­chism” is a name adopt­ed dur­ing the Twen­ti­eth Cen­tu­ry for an occult freema­son­ic sect, known as the Mar­tin­ists, based on wor­ship of the tra­di­tion of the Emper­or Napoleon Bonaparte…officially classed by U.S.A. and oth­er nations’ intel­li­gence ser­vices under the file name of “Synar­chism: Nazi/Communist…deploying simul­ta­ne­ous­ly both osten­si­bly oppos­ing pro-com­mu­nist and extreme right-wing forces for encir­clement of a tar­get­ed government…fascist move­ments, like most ter­ror­ist move­ments, are all Synar­chist cre­ations.” “This occult…is found among…factions…such as the edi­to­r­i­al board of the Wall Street Jour­nal­ist, the Mont Pelerin Soci­ety, and Amer­i­can Enter­prise Insti­tute and Hud­son Insti­tute.” (Cross ref­er­ence: G.W.F. Hegel; Chica­go Uni­ver­si­ty, Com­mit­tee on Social Thought, Leo Strauss, Paul Wol­fowitz, Allan Bloom, Richard Per­le). (See: EIR Strate­gic Intel­li­gence, p. 43, What is Synar­chism?, Lyn­don H. LaRouche, Jr., 6–09-06).

The word synarchism:

Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dic­tio­nary (1913+1828)  French syn­di­cat, Latin syn­di­ca­tus – “the office or juris­dic­tion of a syn­dic; a coun­cil, or body of syndics.

Note:  two mean­ings;  1) In some coun­tries on the Euro­pean con­ti­nent, a coun­cil; a branch of gov­ern­ment  2)  To judge, or to censure.

and ‑arch (word ori­gin:  Greek –arkhes, from arkhein to rule).

The Oxford Dic­tio­nary has a more sim­ple definition –

Joint rule or gov­ern­ment by two or more indi­vid­u­als or parties

The “pub­lic-pri­vate part­ner­ships”  between gov­ern­ment and cor­po­ra­tions and gov­ern­ment and non-gov­ern­men­tal orga­ni­za­tion fund­ed by cor­po­ra­tions are synar­chism.   Stripped down to the bare ele­ments, these “part­ner­ships” are the mar­riage of pow­er and money.

The part­ner­ships are not just mon­ey buy­ing influ­ence.  They are mon­ey buy­ing real pow­er – the force of gov­ern­ment.  The media attempts to min­i­mize the sit­u­a­tion by nam­ing it a klep­toc­ra­cy which implies crimes of a more pet­ty nature when in fact, this is an earth-shat­ter­ing,  mon­u­men­tal­ly dis­as­trous sit­u­a­tion in which we find ourselves.

Anoth­er impor­tant word in today’s con­text – that is also impor­tant in his­to­ry is anarchy.

Anar­chism n.  The the­o­ry that for­mal gov­ern­ment of any kind is unnec­es­sary and wrong in prin­ci­ple; the doc­trine and prac­tice of anar­chists. Webster’s 1909 Monarch Dic­tio­nary, Splen­did Edition.

The thing that has been con­fus­ing for the few Amer­i­cans who have been pay­ing atten­tion over the last decade and a half is that our Con­gress has been vot­ing for anar­chy.  Why do I say that?  Because the leg­is­la­tion they have been pass­ing – the North Amer­i­can Free Trade Agree­ment, the Mar­rakesh Agree­ment that cre­at­ed the World Trade Orga­ni­za­tion have been anar­chi­cal – to trans­fer gov­ern­ing author­i­ty to inter­na­tion­al bod­ies.  It’s a con­fus­ing state of affairs when the guardians become the preda­tors but that is what has happened.

Of course, the anar­chy didn’t begin with the vote on NAFTA.  To achieve the New World Order,  the Con­gress has been on a strate­gic and sys­tem­at­ic path over decades to destroy the nation through leg­isla­tive anar­chism – the truth of which would be incred­u­lous to most Amer­i­cans – includ­ing myself if I hadn’t the done my own research to dis­cov­er it.

If what we were expe­ri­enc­ing in the Unit­ed States was rad­i­cal rev­o­lu­tion, it would be much eas­i­er to iden­ti­fy and address (lock and load).  But that’s not the way this is unfold­ing.  What is occur­ring is an evolv­ing con­ver­sion from a repub­li­can form of gov­ern­ment into synar­chism led by anar­cho-syn­di­cal­ists.  If you look up anar­cho-syn­di­cal­ism, you’ll note that they describe it in the con­text of a rev­o­lu­tion­ary work­ers (trade union­ist) move­ment but there is noth­ing in the def­i­n­i­tion of the words – anar­chy and syn­di­cate that indi­cates a move­ment of work­ers.  In sim­ple terms, anar­cho-synar­chy is sim­ply orga­nized anar­chy by a syndicate.

The idea of the New World Order is that stan­dards, poli­cies and rules can be set at the inter­na­tion­al lev­el and that prof­it-mak­ing cor­po­ra­tions can be kept in line by pub­lic pres­sure.  And non-gov­ern­men­tal, spe­cial inter­est groups are held up to be priest sur­ro­gates who have only the high­est moral char­ac­ter and the best of inten­tions because they are  non-prof­its.  It’s absurd.  In fact, it takes the absurd to new heights of absurdity.

In the Unit­ed States, the busi­ness syn­di­cates with the most pow­er are the Cham­ber of Com­merce, the Busi­ness Round­table, North Amer­i­can Elec­tric Reli­a­bil­i­ty Com­mis­sion, etc.  The pro­fes­sion­al asso­ci­a­tions with the most pow­er are the AMA, the bar asso­ci­a­tions, etc.  All of these groups are engaged in anar­cho-synar­chism as they link up with their “inter­na­tion­al part­ners” in a glob­al sys­tem of vir­tu­al lawlessness.

The peo­ple who are left behind are the unas­so­ci­at­ed majori­ties and the unmonied.  The road to the future has looped around and we are head­ed back to the past of feu­dal­ism, roy­al­ty and the patholo­gies that are inher­ent when pow­er is mon­ey and it rules.

Update:   A very good friend just sent this video on Martinists:

Intro­duc­tion to the Tra­di­tion­al Mar­tin­ist Order: