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The Skinner Horror Files

31 Days of B.F. Skin­ner Hor­ror Sto­ries   Because so much edu­ca­tion reform rests upon Skin­ner’s meth­ods and ide­olo­gies, it is time to tell the truth. The next 31 days this blog will be post­ing cur­rent and his­tor­i­cal infor­ma­tion about the true nature of Skin­ner’s “edu­ca­tion” that has been foist­ed upon our nation’s children.

America’s Electronic Police State

Big Broth­er is not only watch­ing, but gath­er­ing more pow­er The mod­ern sur­veil­lance state is referred to as an elec­tron­ic police state because it uses tech­nol­o­gy to mon­i­tor peo­ple in order to detect and pun­ish dis­sent. The author­i­ties exert social con­trol through spy­ing, harsh law enforce­ment, and by reg­u­lat­ing “priv­i­leges” such as the abil­i­ty to travel. […]

Leave it to Bill!

Day 2: The Skin­ner Hor­ror Files It depends on what the mean­ing of the word “char­ters” ‘is’… Here are excerpts from the Salon arti­cle above: Bill Clin­ton weighed in on the debate over char­ter schools this week, warn­ing that the pub­licly fund­ed yet autonomous schools must keep their “orig­i­nal bar­gain” if they want sup­port as alter­na­tives to […]

Cookie Cutter Common Core & Private Education Part II: WAKE UP, CATHOLICS

(And all oth­ers with chil­dren in pri­vate & reli­gious edu­ca­tion!) Read Part 1   UNESCO: WORLDWIDE STRATEGIC PLANNING FOR ALL EDUCATION The U.N. (Unit­ed Nations) advo­cates Com­mu­nist Com­mon Core edu­ca­tion for all stu­dents on this plan­et, no mat­ter the reli­gion and no mat­ter whether the school is pub­lic or pri­vate. The “UN, Oba­ma, and Gates […]


Think about that and then look around you. Glob­al­iza­tion is stan­dard­iza­tion of sys­tems.  In order to have a sin­gle gov­ern­ment, all of the sys­tems have to be the same.  The sys­tems have to be the same so that they can be mon­i­tored, mea­sured, and con­trolled, all at once.  Uni­for­mi­ty is a requirement.