Debbie Bacigalupi on Agenda 21 and Environ’MENTAL’problems

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TND Pod­cast Spot­light: We The Peo­ple Radio

On this week’s show (August 7, 2014), Deb­bie Baci­galupi dis­cuss­es Agen­da 21. At about the 34 minute mark, US Con­gress­man Doug LaMal­fa joins the show and shares his view on the behind-the-scenes polit­i­cal jock­ey­ing between the House, Sen­ate and White House. Agen­da 21 is dis­cussed ear­ly on, and the lion’s share fol­lows the one hour and 4 minute mark.

To down­load the show, you can right click here and “save as” (or equiv­a­lent) in your brows­er or click here to vis­it the show’s page to stream audio.

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Debbie Bacigalupi

Deb­bie Bacigalupi

About Deb­bie

Deb­bie Baci­galupi was born in Red­ding, CA and is a 6th gen­er­a­tion Cal­i­forn­ian. Her fam­i­ly is 5th gen­er­a­tion cat­tle ranch­ers and farm­ers in Siskiy­ou Coun­ty. It’s because of the attack on rur­al Amer­i­ca (includ­ing her fam­i­ly) that she decid­ed to jump into the 2012 Con­gres­sion­al race. A for­mer US House of Rep­re­sen­ta­tives 2012 Repub­li­can Can­di­date for California’s Dis­trict 14, she lost to incum­bent, career politi­cian in an 80% reg­is­tered Demo­c­ra­t­ic Bay Area dis­trict. Deb­bie was a Cor­po­rate Event Plan­ner for Google and YouTube. Cur­rent­ly a biotech con­sul­tant and speak­er. As a speak­er for pri­vate prop­er­ty rights and now a key play­er on an Anti-Agen­da 21 task force group, Deb­bie is known for a live­ly pre­sen­ta­tion and has been a keynote and expert pan­elists through­out the Unit­ed States. Top­ics include Agen­da 21, pri­vate prop­er­ty, water rights, the attack on rur­al Amer­i­ca, the threat to farm­ers, ranch­ers, dams and water sup­ply, over­reg­u­la­tion, gov­ern­ment cor­rup­tion, the attack on the mid­dle class, free­dom, and lib­er­ty. Deb­bie grad­u­at­ed Sum­ma Cum Laude with a BS in Busi­ness Man­age­ment, has her Mas­ters in Busi­ness Man­agemet, is a Cer­ti­fied Som­me­li­er, and a Cer­ti­fied Event Plan­ner. She cur­rent­ly lives in San Car­los, CA where she is fight­ing the One Bay Area Plan, Grand Blvd Ini­tia­tive, Region­al­ism, Tran­sit Vil­lages and more.



RE: West­ern Gov­er­nors Asso­ci­a­tion tes­ti­fies on Capi­tol Hill in sup­port of the “Advanc­ing Con­ser­va­tion Edu­ca­tion Act of 2014″ (H.R. 4901) to expe­dite fed­er­al-state land exchanges.

Today I called Direc­tor Joe Rassen­foss from West­ern Gov­er­nors Asso­ci­a­tion and intro­duced myself as an attendee from the recent WGA Con­fer­ence in Col­orado Springs.

Bot­tom line…this is a LAND SWAP…”getting rid of the checker­board effect” as Joe stat­ed. Giv­ing state land to the Feds and the Feds giv­ing states land to cre­ate a more con­tigu­ous state land and more con­tigu­ous fed land. I asked if this has any­thing to do with the Great Amer­i­ca Out­doors Ini­tia­tive to link Nation­al Parks togeth­er. He said no. I men­tioned my con­cern of the Feds want­i­ng prime land, min­er­al rich land, water abun­dant land…vs giv­ing the Feds a swath of land that is desert, lizard, snake, and tum­ble weed rich. Joe said the Feds don’t want land that is “use­less.” I replied with my con­cern that once you turn prime land over to the Feds it is out of pri­vate own­er­ship for­ev­er. Joe replied the Feds own most of the west already and the West­ern Gov­er­nors Asso­ci­a­tion is just try­ing to make deals to get rid of the checker­board effect. He turned to impa­tient with me and accused me of a “solil­o­quy” as soon as I expressed this concern.

Here’s a link to the “checker­board” map: click here.


He fur­ther got agi­tat­ed when I men­tioned a “part­ner­ship” I found between the WGA and the Unit­ed Nations over water from the CHAT map which I can’t find that data set box right now.

How­ev­er, when I went to find the “part­ner­ship” between WGA and UN over water I found this inter­est­ing site:

Ross Strate­gic (“Mov­ing Toward Sus­tain­abil­i­ty”) has an extra­or­di­nary list of “clients” – both the WGA and the UN are list­ed along with TNC, The Wilder­ness Soci­ety, Ford, Bul­litt, North Amer­i­ca 2050, and more MASSIVE Agen­da 21 sup­port­ing glob­al­ist foun­da­tions, orga­ni­za­tions, and companies.

Wildlife Cor­ri­dors and Cru­cial Habitat

Wildlands-California and NevadaWeb­sites discussed:

Jerry Brown

Jer­ry Brown


– Gov. Jer­ry Brown
with immi­gra­tion com­ments on house floor (and click here to watch an addi­tion­al YouTube where Con­gress­man Mari­no is inter­viewed on Fox)


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