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Gaining Access To and Then Guiding Each Student’s Subjective Perception of Reality to Change the Here and Now

Let’s pre­tend for a moment that we are all in the same room mulling over why K‑12 edu­ca­tion is shut­ting down what works and expand­ing every­thing that has ever been con­tro­ver­sial or even trag­ic. We could get out a White Board and pre­tend to be detec­tive Kate Beck­ett on the TV show Cas­tle and create […]

UN’s International Building Codes, necessary tool for Agenda 21 implementation

Here is an excerpt from the pre­am­ble of the doc­u­ment Agen­da 21: “Land… can­not be treat­ed as an ordi­nary asset, con­trolled by indi­vid­u­als and sub­ject to the pres­sures and inef­fi­cien­cies of the mar­ket. Pri­vate land own­er­ship is also a prin­ci­pal instru­ment of accu­mu­la­tion and con­cen­tra­tion of wealth and there­fore con­tributes to social injus­tice; if unchecked, it […]