How Do We Tell Our Children About the New World Order?

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 The Leave It To Beaver Era, When Times Were Simpler

The Leave It To Beaver Era, When Times Were Simpler

No Blue­print for Parenting

America’s south­ern bor­der has dis­in­te­grat­ed. Ebo­la has entered Amer­i­ca, Rus­sia and NATO are mobi­liz­ing in and around Ukraine in what could be the begin­ning of World War III our econ­o­my is one slight push from free fall, we have for­eign troops, who have promised us harm, train­ing on our soil. And all of this is the short list of chal­lenges pre­sent­ed to inhab­i­tants of Amer­i­ca by the New World Order. The biggest ques­tion is, WHAT DO I TELL MY SON ABOUT THE NEW WORLD ORDER? WHAT WILL YOU TELL YOUR CHILDREN ABOUT THE NEW WORLD ORDER?

Dave Hodges, The Common Sense ShowWhen I became a par­ent, I mis­tak­en­ly thought that I would raise my son just like my par­ents raised me. My par­ents instilled in me a fun­da­men­tal respect for author­i­ty, how to hon­or the great tra­di­tions of our coun­try and how to work hard to get what I want­ed out of life. I grew up lov­ing the ideals of our coun­try, the free­dom and the oppor­tu­ni­ty. As a result, I have lived a good and pros­per­ous life. I give thanks to my par­ents and to God every­day for my good for­tune. How­ev­er, I have learned that I was not ful­ly pre­pared to be a par­ent because I do not know how to teach my 13 year old son to live in the evolv­ing New World Order.

The Amer­i­ca we knew is dead and gone and is run­ning sole­ly on momen­tum. Are any of you ask­ing the same ques­tion that I am about how we tell our teenage chil­dren that they live under a hope­less­ly cor­rupt gov­ern­ment and they are mak­ing plans to ful­ly enslave all of us under REX 84, FEMA Camps, NDAA, etc? Do we teach our chil­dren to nev­er crit­i­cize the gov­ern­ment because free speech has been crim­i­nal­ized as an act of ter­ror­ism? How do we pro­vide our chil­dren hope that if they work hard and go to col­lege, that they will have a good life? And even if our kids grad­u­ate from col­lege, most won’t find jobs when they get out of school and even if they do find work in their field, they will be debt slaves because of the cost of high­er edu­ca­tion. How do we encour­age our chil­dren to learn the lessons of civics when we ful­ly know that our vote, on a nation­al lev­el, does not make a darn bit of dif­fer­ence and that the Pelosi’s, Reid’s, Bush’s and Obama’s are bought and paid for? How do we teach our chil­dren that our brave men and women who serve in the mil­i­tary have been turned into pawns of cor­po­rate greed and sub­se­quent impe­ri­al­ism? How do we pre­pare to raise our chil­dren in a deca­dent soci­ety which dis­hon­ors the Chris­t­ian prin­ci­ples that our coun­try was found­ed upon?

Feel­ing Inad­e­quate As a Father

In my work as a writer and a broad­cast­er in the alter­na­tive media, I know all too well that the poten­tial dan­gers that I face in my attempts to reveal the truth about the law­less­ness and abject crim­i­nal­i­ty of so many in pow­er. Hast­ings and Bre­it­bart remind all of us in the alter­na­tive media that we take sig­nif­i­cant risks to do what we do. I decid­ed sev­er­al years ago that I was will­ing to take the risk as are so many of my col­leagues in the alter­na­tive media. How­ev­er, I have dis­cov­ered that I was unpre­pared to be a father to a child who is grow­ing up in a time of unprece­dent­ed cor­po­rate and gov­ern­ment crim­i­nal­i­ty. Do you real­ize that our chil­dren are liv­ing under a gov­ern­ment that has for­sak­en due process and tor­tures peo­ple that they dis­agree with, under the NDAA, and this is only what is open­ly admit­ted to! If we treat­ed our chil­dren like the gov­ern­ment treats us, we would all be put in jail for neglect and child abuse. How do I teach my son to devel­op a fun­da­men­tal respect for many of our polit­i­cal and cor­po­rate lead­ers who have no moral compass?

The Ques­tions a Par­ent Can­not Answer

My son is show­ing signs of ask­ing ques­tions befit­ting an adult per­spec­tive of our present polit­i­cal and eco­nom­ic sit­u­a­tion. I am not bash­ful about iden­ti­fy­ing the mis­deeds of our gov­ern­ment when I am writ­ing or broad­cast­ing. Also, I know that I have the intel­lec­tu­al capac­i­ty to explain to my son how bad things have become in terms he can under­stand. How­ev­er, I have found that I am lack­ing the skill and knowl­edge to explain to my son just how bad things are with­out tak­ing away his hope for the future. Although I con­stant­ly say that I am fight­ing for our children’s future, I have kept my son as sep­a­rate as I can from my work in the alter­na­tive media. It is not some­thing that I have tried to share with him because I do not want him to become cyn­i­cal. Yet, I know that there comes the day when all par­ents real­ize that we have to tell our chil­dren that there is no San­ta Claus. I grew up in an Amer­i­ca which was a repub­lic inter­spersed with some cor­rup­tion. Today’s Amer­i­ca is a cor­po­rate crim­i­nal enter­prise where there are no rules for the elite and the con­sti­tu­tion­al pre­cepts under­ly­ing our laws are on life sup­port. Sub­se­quent­ly, my son 13 year old son is grow­ing up in a far dif­fer­ent Amer­i­ca than I did and to hear him talk about his future hopes and fears reflects these fun­da­men­tal changes that we have expe­ri­enced as a country.

I Do Not Want to Be In the Military”

I was telling my son about how his late grand­fa­ther joined the Navy at a very young age and made a suc­cess­ful career out of it. He stopped me and asked if I would be upset if he did not want to join the mil­i­tary. At that moment, I real­ized that I had an impor­tant deci­sion to make as a par­ent. Do I tell my son the truth about the facts relat­ed to his ques­tion, or do I take the approach we often do with our kids and gloss over the truth in order to pro­tect him?

You Want Answers?

The theme song for my talk show starts out with the clas­sic exchange between two great actors, Jack Nichol­son and Tom Cruise in which they utter those now famous lines from A Few Good Men that “You can’t han­dle the truth.” True to the mean­ing of my theme song, I went for broke. I pro­ceed­ed to tell my son that I did not want him to join the mil­i­tary. I also told him that our lead­ers think noth­ing of throw­ing away the lives of our brave young sol­diers in Iraq and Afghanistan and that we nev­er belonged in these coun­tries to begin with. He now knows that I think that the pri­ma­ry rea­sons that we fight wars today is to make wealthy peo­ple wealth­i­er and they don’t care how many have to die in order to get what they want. He fur­ther learned that it is almost impos­si­ble to be a Chris­t­ian in the mil­i­tary today. Yes, you can pray on a rug if you are an Amer­i­can sol­dier, but you can’t be an open Chris­t­ian as the “Don’t ask don’t tell” reg­u­la­tion has made it way from pro­hibit­ing the admis­sion of one being a homo­sex­u­al while serv­ing in the mil­i­tary to now being used to ban the free admis­sion that one is a Chris­t­ian and open­ly prac­tic­ing their faith. In my bold­est state­ment, that some will judge to reck­less, I told him, my 13 year old, that some of our troops are being forced to train to con­trol the cit­i­zens of our coun­try rather than prepar­ing to fight our ene­mies. He’s not ready for the DHS/REX 84/ North­com lec­ture, but the under­ly­ing prin­ci­ples were com­mu­ni­cat­ed. It was crys­tal clear that he under­stood that I did not want him to be in the mil­i­tary. As they say, out of the mouth of babes, my son sub­se­quent­ly asked me what if they bring back the draft? Dad is speech­less, but I vow they will nev­er get my child to fight in their wars of occupation.

Oba­ma Has Made It Easy To Choose Sides

Before I relate how I answered the ques­tion about bring­ing back the draft, please allow me to review to tenets of Exec­u­tive Order 13603 in which Oba­ma actu­al­ly calls for two drafts, a mil­i­tary draft and a civil­ian draft. Both pro­grams would be placed under the aus­pices of the Sec­re­tary of Labor. The mil­i­tary draft is eas­i­ly under­stood. How­ev­er, the Obama’s notion of a civil­ian draft is fright­en­ing­ly Orwellian. Do you remem­ber the Obama’s cam­paign promise when he said “we can­not just rely on our mil­i­tary to meet our nation­al secu­ri­ty needs, we need a civil­ian secu­ri­ty force, that is just as strong and just as well fund­ed..” We now know what Oba­ma was refer­ring to. Under EO 13603, the gov­ern­ment can split up fam­i­lies. There are no age restric­tions on the civil­ian labor draft and where you can be sent to per­form the “government’s” work. A hus­band can be assigned to work in one loca­tion and the wife in anoth­er. This would rep­re­sent the ulti­mate Agen­da 21 dri­ven breakup of the fam­i­ly. And of course, our boys can still be marched off to war to kill and be killed by young men that they have noth­ing against with all of this being done in the name of cor­po­rate prof­its. I told my son that I would not let him be draft­ed and that we would leave the coun­try if we had to. This was an epiphany for me. I grew up in a mil­i­tary fam­i­ly. My father was a dec­o­rat­ed vet­er­an. I believe in wars of self-defense and believe we have to all do our part in dire cir­cum­stances. How­ev­er, we no longer fight wars of self-defense. We fight wars for eco­nom­ic dom­i­nance to increase the bot­tom line of Gold­man Sachs, BP, Exxon, the Fed­er­al Reserve, et al. We have thrown away pre­cious lives in these wars of occu­pa­tion. I have put my foot down on this point and so should you.

What Will You Tell Your Children?

Chil­dren need to be wor­ried about the piano lessons, their sports teams, their first crush, their school­ing, they do not need to be bur­dened with deal­ing with geopo­lit­i­cal issues stem­ming from the bankers try­ing to run this plan­et. Yet, our children’s lives are increas­ing­ly being dom­i­nat­ed by this march towards eco­nom­ic and polit­i­cal totalitarianism.

If you are awake as to what is going on and you have chil­dren, you will one day be forced to answer the ques­tions that your chil­dren ask about the world that they live in. And for the life of me, I do not know how to tell my child how to live in the New World Order. Do you?