Greenpeace Co-Founder Patrick Moore Tells U.S. Senate There Is “No Proof” Humans Cause Climate Change

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Giant tabular icebergs are surrounded by ice floe drift in Vincennes Bay in the Australian Antarctic Territory - GETTY IMAGES

Green­peace co-founder Patrick Moore has angered envi­ron­men­tal­ist groups after say­ing cli­mate change is “not caused by humans” and there is “no sci­en­tif­ic proof” to back glob­al warm­ing alarmism.

The Cana­di­an ecol­o­gist told US law­mak­ers there is “lit­tle cor­re­la­tion” to sup­port a “direct causal rela­tion­ship” between CO2 emis­sions and ris­ing glob­al temperatures.

There is no sci­en­tif­ic proof that human emis­sions of car­bon diox­ide are the dom­i­nant cause of the minor warm­ing of the Earth­’s atmos­phere over the past 100 years,” he told a U.S. Sen­ate Com­mit­tee “If there were such a proof, it would be writ­ten down for all to see. No actu­al proof, as it is under­stood in sci­ence, exists.”

He also crit­i­cised the Inter­gov­ern­men­tal Pan­el on Cli­mate Change (IPCC) for claim­ing “it is extreme­ly like­ly” that human activ­i­ty is the “dom­i­nant cause” for glob­al warn­ing, not­ing that “extreme­ly like­ly” is not a sci­en­tif­ic term.

Moore warned the sta­tis­tics pre­sent­ed by the IPCC are not the result of math­e­mat­i­cal cal­cu­la­tions or sta­tis­ti­cal analy­sis, and may have been “invent­ed” to sup­port the IPC­C’s “expert judgement”.

The Green­peace co-founder argued the increase in atmos­pher­ic tem­per­a­ture on the earth­’s sur­face goes back the Ice Age when C02 was “10 times high­er than today, yet life flour­ished” at this time.

He added: “I realise that my com­ments are con­trary to much of the spec­u­la­tion about our cli­mate that is bandied about today.

How­ev­er, I am con­fi­dent that his­to­ry will bear me out, both in terms of the futil­i­ty of rely­ing on com­put­er mod­els to pre­dict the future, and the fact that warmer tem­per­a­tures are bet­ter than cold­er tem­per­a­tures for most species.”

Moore co-found­ed the envi­ron­men­tal activist group as a PhD stu­dent in ecol­o­gy in 1971. He left Green­peace in 1986 after the group became more inter­est­ed in “pol­i­tics” than science.

After 15 years in the top com­mit­tee I had to leave as Green­peace took a sharp turn to the polit­i­cal left, and began to adopt poli­cies that I could not accept from my sci­en­tif­ic per­spec­tive,” he said. “Cli­mate change was not an issue when I aban­doned Green­peace, but it cer­tain­ly is now.”


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