Future Earth: Agenda 21’s ‘Forbidden Zones’

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The planners intend to restrict your lifestyle to postpone the supposed coming environmental apocalypse.

Agenda21 Earth-Forbidden Zones

A new arti­cle up at Forbes “Earth’s Future For­bid­den Zones?” begins with all man­ner of com­ing world doom:

Sci­ence fic­tion is rife with plan­e­tary ‘for­bid­den zones’ — whole regions of a plan­et that have become vir­tu­al­ly unin­hab­it­able due to changes in cli­mate; pol­i­tics; nuclear, chem­i­cal or bio­log­i­cal war­fare; pol­lu­tion; tech­nol­o­gy gone amok; or some­thing even more exotic.”

The con­cept of for­bid­den zones is not new. Agen­da 21 has a sim­i­lar con­cept laid out to pro­tect the plan­et from the peo­ple. For those unfa­mil­iar with Unit­ed Nations Agen­da 21 ‘sus­tain­able devel­op­ment’ plan, writer and anti-Agen­da 21 activist Rosa Koire describes it as this:

In a nut­shell, the plan calls for gov­ern­ments to take con­trol of all land use and not leave any of the deci­sion mak­ing in the hands of pri­vate prop­er­ty own­ers.  It is assumed that peo­ple are not good stew­ards of their land and the gov­ern­ment will do a bet­ter job if they are in con­trol.  Indi­vid­ual rights in gen­er­al are to give way to the needs of com­mu­ni­ties as deter­mined by the gov­ern­ing body. Anoth­er pro­gram, called the Wild­lands Project, spells out how most of the land is to be set aside for non-humans.

The Wild­lands Project came out of the Unit­ed Nations Con­ven­tion on Bio­log­i­cal Diver­si­ty the year before Agen­da 21 was adopt­ed at the 1992 U.N. Rio Sum­mit. Here’s a map illus­trat­ing the Wild­lands Project’s goal for America:


See all those red spots? Under this project, those places would be con­sid­ered ‘for­bid­den zones’ and you wouldn’t be able to go there. Peri­od. Even the yel­low areas are “high­ly reg­u­lat­ed use,” so if and when author­i­ties gave you per­mis­sion to go there, it like­ly would not be very often and you def­i­nite­ly would not be liv­ing there. In fact, only the green areas would be for “nor­mal use” by people.

While some argue activists are wrong to link the U.N. Wild­lands Project to U.N. Agen­da 21, chap­ter 15 of the ini­tial Agen­da 21 doc­u­ment [PDF] from the 1992 Rio Sum­mit is titled “Con­ser­va­tion of Bio­log­i­cal Diver­si­ty” and begins like this:

The objec­tives and activ­i­ties in this chap­ter of Agen­da 21 are intend­ed to improve the con­ser­va­tion of bio­log­i­cal diver­si­ty and the sus­tain­able use of bio­log­i­cal resources, as well as to sup­port the Con­ven­tion on Bio­log­i­cal Diver­si­ty.” [empha­sis added]

Sus­tain­abil­i­ty’ is one of the key buzz­words Agen­da 21 uses to jus­ti­fy this huge takeover and con­sol­i­da­tion, not just of pop­u­la­tions, but of power.

Con­tin­ue arti­cle here:  http://truthstreammedia.com/future-earth-agenda-21s-forbidden-zones/

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