Trilateral Commission Exposed

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Mem­bers of the Tri­lat­er­al Com­mis­sion have just about destroyed what is left of Amer­i­ca. What is their endgame?


This is a good time to step back and look at the big pic­ture. The fol­lowing 24 minute inter­view on the Tri­lat­eral Com­mis­sion was aired last week by WHDT on the east coast, reach­ing a poten­tial of 6 mil­lion view­ers. It is an appro­priate back­ground for the cur­rent discussion.

Every Admin­is­tra­tion since Jim­my Carter has been dom­i­nated by this group of super-elit­ists. The eco­nomic poli­cies they imple­mented were accom­plished with lead­er­ship from their own mem­bers as they worked their way into top lev­els of gov­ern­ments around the world.

In the U.S., the Com­mis­sion began its hege­mony over the U.S. Exec­u­tive Branch with the selec­tion of Jim­my Carter and Wal­ter Mon­dale to run on the pres­i­den­tial tick­et in 1975. First, they induct­ed them into mem­ber­ship and “trained” them in mat­ters of for­eign and eco­nomic pol­i­cy. Sec­ondly, they backed and orches­trated their suc­cessful elec­tion, with ample help from mem­bers of the media who were also rep­re­sented on the Com­mis­sion. Third­ly, as soon as Carter was inau­gu­rated, he filled his cab­inet and oth­er key appoint­ments with fel­low mem­bers of the Tri­lat­eral Commission.

No less than twen­ty eight per­cent of the U.S. mem­ber­ship of the Tri­lat­eral Com­mis­sion end­ed up serv­ing in the Carter Admin­is­tra­tion. Mind you, the North Amer­ican mem­bers only rep­re­sented one-third of the total mem­ber­ship – the oth­ers were from Europe and Japan!

So, whose poli­cies were actu­ally imple­mented in the U.S.? Not Amer­ican poli­cies. Not Con­gress-cre­at­ed or approved poli­cies. Not Con­sti­tu­tional poli­cies. Rather, it was the glob­alist poli­cies ham­mered out in pri­vate meet­ings by Com­mis­sioners from Europe, Japan and North America!

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