Court Insider Exposes Judicial Treachery

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Allan Para­chi­ni served for eight years as the Pub­lic Infor­ma­tion Offi­cer for the Los Ange­les Supe­ri­or Court. He was there dur­ing the incred­i­ble per­se­cu­tion of Dr. Richard Fine, who served eigh­teen months in soli­tary coer­cive confinement.


In this pre­view of parts one and two of this three-part inter­view, he explains why the judges did every­thing they could to destroy Dr. Fine.


In this sec­ond inter­view, Alan Para­chi­ni was retired in his home. Full Dis­clo­sure® had filed a request to get a copy of the con­tract between the Coun­ty and the Los Ange­les Supe­ri­or Court Judges. Allan had seen this con­tract that spec­i­fied an agree­ment between the two par­ties that estab­lished that each of them would receive the same gen­er­ous ben­e­fits pack­age. Allan explains how the Judges work hard to “keep the pub­lic out” of their business.

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