Local communities face onslaught from self-anointed planners

April 25, 2014 A growing number of initiatives by elitist organizations, working hand-in-glove with local kindred spirits, is transforming once-self-governing communities into instruments of environmental political correctness. Cloaked in the mantle of providing for “sustainable” or “livable” communities, these programs include such fashionable ideas as “open space,” “heritage areas,” “view sheds,” ”smart growth,” “clean energy,” […]

Turning the Twin Cities into Sim City

Turning the Twin Cities Into Sim City The Metropolitan Council’s plans include making sure there is a proper mix of races and incomes in each suburb. May 19, 2014 Wall Street Journal Minneapolis Here in the Twin Cities, a handful of unelected bureaucrats are gearing up to impose their vision of the ideal society on […]

Mental Health Screening to Change Values to Accept Global Government

This has been in the works ever since early nineteen hundreds. Anyone who is opposed to world government is mentally sick.  We have the quotes to back that up. Read from 3D, page 27-28: United States membership in the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 1946 set in motion the destabilization of […]