Minnesota’s global outlook helps land sustainability conference

Former heads of state will meet (in Minnesota, Oct. 2015) on democracy, sustainability (Agenda 21). An announcement expected Monday in New York will break the news that Minneapolis will host a major global conference on sustainability that will attract the former heads of state of nearly 100 countries to Minnesota in October 2015. The theme of […]

Globalists Taking Charge: Agenda 21’s Global Depopulation Agenda

In my last article I discussed the idea that much of what we are experiencing in this country can’t be considered a “conspiracy theory” anymore because it is actually happening. We are literally watching the world burn around us and every day there is another new, exciting development that only, in my mind anyways, reinforces […]

Jim Beers responds to San Francisco anti-dairy advertising

BART is the Bay Area Rapid Transit district Anti-Dairy Ads on BART Urge Commuters to Bathe Exactly as the poison of illegal drugs is the root cause of so much violent and debilitating crime, and just as the army of poor children born annually into fatherless homes to be raised like weeds by elderly relatives […]

Debbie Bacigalupi on Agenda 21 and Environ’MENTAL’problems

TND Podcast Spotlight: We The People Radio On this week’s show (August 7, 2014), Debbie Bacigalupi discusses Agenda 21. At about the 34 minute mark, US Congressman Doug LaMalfa joins the show and shares his view on the behind-the-scenes political jockeying between the House, Senate and White House. Agenda 21 is discussed early on, and […]

History as Psychological Reality-Transformation Tool Must Begin Well Before High School

We may never have thought of history as a means for altering our Identity–how we see ourselves and what guides how we are likely to behave in the future-but everyone with fundamental transformations on the mind seems to. The previous post’s steering through how all education pathways now seek to push communitarianism was a reminder […]

Wake up, Catholics

MORE MAJOR EDUCATION BLOWS The previous blow to Catholics was, of course, the many Bishops’ embrace of Common Core for Catholic students. U. S. Prelates instilled Common Core into their Catholic classrooms under the banner of the National Standards and Benchmarks for Effective Catholic Elementary and Secondary Schools.  Such standards and benchmarks along with their rubrics […]

The Global Strategy

Each point of light on that map represents a population center. For globalists, management of globe is simply an engineering problem. Nation-states, borders, history, culture are all inconveniences to the efficient (and profitable) operation of the planet. When global central planners look at that map, they are looking at the requirements to connect the points […]

United Nations’ (U.N.) connection to Agenda 21 and sustainability and how it directly affects property owners.

Secure Arkansas spoke to the Association of Arkansas Counties for their Annual Conference held August 20 – 22, 2014 in Little Rock, Arkansas.   Jeannie Burlsworth, Founder / Chair of Secure Arkansas, began by explaining United Nations’ (U.N.) connection to Agenda 21 and sustainability and how it directly affects property owners. She mentioned the EPA, […]