Your home appliances will soon be remotely controlled by the government

Increasingly, our freedom and autonomy are threatened by those who seek to monitor and control every aspect of our daily lives. George Orwell’s “Big Brother” from the novel 1984 is a pale threat in comparison to the dystopian reality our leaders which have created for us since that book was published more than six decades […]

Welcome to the Matrix: Enslaved by Technology and the Internet of Things

“There will come a time when it isn’t ‘They’re spying on me through my phone’ anymore. Eventually, it will be ‘My phone is spying on me.’” ― Philip K. Dick If ever Americans sell their birthright, it will be for the promise of expediency and comfort delivered by way of blazingly fast Internet, cell phone […]

Buffett’s Smart-Grid Idea Takes Over Your Washing Machine

FA Note: The Smart Grid is promoted as consumer choice. Yet as this article states plainly consumers must learn to “either use appliances themselves at optimum times, or let the system decide that for them.”  Warren Buffett wants to tell you the best time to wash your clothes. Or at least his energy company in […]

Is Water The New Enron? – Fake Crises, Fake Bills, And Fake Solutions

“In places like Benton Harbor, Michigan and Detroit, there is something called the emergency manager, which essentially is a local dictator. He can depose the mayor and offer decrees and answer to no one except the governor. In these two cities and others, because they are lacking tax revenue (because of lack of industry) they […]

Smart Cities: Understanding the Untapped Value of Sensor Data

Technology leaders in three cities imagine how they would harness Chicago’s innovative sensor pilot in their communities This fall, Chicago will install a network of 40 sensors to discover how new data sets can inform decisions that make the city a better place to live. The Array of Things initiative will begin with devices being […]

Residents of Alamo Heights in San Antonio, Texas Win Support of City Council in “Spark Meter” Battle

Residents of Alamo Heights in San Antonio, Texas Win Support of City Council in “Spark Meter” Battle Dozens of residents speak to Alamo Heights City Council on Monday evening (Sept. 22, 2014) ALAMO HEIGHTS, TX— Monday evening, more than 20 residents spoke out at the city council meeting of this San Antonio, TX suburb where […]

Fire chiefs call for smart meter probe after blazes

RENO — The Reno and Sparks fire chiefs are asking the Public Utilities Commission to investigate the safety of smart meters installed by NV Energy on homes throughout the state in the wake of a troubling spate of blazes they believe are associated with the meters, including one recent fire that killed a 61-year-old woman.


Think about that and then look around you. Globalization is standardization of systems.  In order to have a single government, all of the systems have to be the same.  The systems have to be the same so that they can be monitored, measured, and controlled, all at once.  Uniformity is a requirement.