Seven Reasons Why Plan Bay Area is Illegal & Bad Policy for California

Plan Bay Area is a monumental land use document prepared by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC), and the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG), for the ostensible purpose of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 15 percent by the year 2035, as required by former Governor Schwarzenegger’s Senate Bill 375. Kassouni Law is currently litigating the legality of […]

RI Regional Plan Strips Property Rights

With an area of 1212 square miles, Rhode Island is the smallest of the fifty states, but is about to take one of the biggest leaps in the nation.  The RI Division of Planning is advancing a HUD supported sustainable development plan that creates a single region out of every county, city and community in […]

Opt Out of the Countywide Vision Plan & Common Core

FA Note: iAgenda21 is an affiliate of the American Coalition for Sustainable Communities (ACSC) – “Sustaining representative government.” Theirs is the type action that needs to be undertaken in every county in the country! New Report exposes collectivist regulation, instituted at taxpayer expense, in San Bernardino County, California. The report is authored by the American Coalition for […]

Cells of Insurrection

In what kind of twisted world would Oath Keepers – Oath Keepers to the Constitution of the United States, be considered domestic terrorists? That’s the question that was asked last week in an interview with Stewart Rhodes, Founder and President of Oath Keepers. After listening to the interview, I thought I should check to see […]

Plan Bay Area – A Shocking Theft Of Our Democracy

Our local media has been dropping broad, confusing hints about something big, something imminent, coming to the greater Bay Area. A front page article in the San Francisco Chronicle in March 2013, titled “Hard Choices for a growing S.F.” begins, “San Francisco residents will be getting thousands of new neighbors in the next 30 years, […]

The Medusa System

International Legal and Regulatory System is the Medusa Since Obama is going to make his big announcement tonight concerning his 10 Point Plan for Immigration reform, I thought I’d better find out precisely what the plan entails. I only needed to read one article on Fox News to know exactly what this is about because […]

The matter of Psychological Warfare

Tyranny of the Crown The matter of Psychological Warfare Perverted Laws Two years ago we watched with alarm and dread as the EPA case played out against the Idaho couple attempting to build their dream house on the Priest Lake shore. Unilaterally, the EPA determined the lot the couple had purchased was a wetland. They […]

Salem’s Intergovernmental Agreement with SW Oregon

 A case of Regionalism: Southern Oregon is induced into a Regional plan. Regionalism is the political restructure designed to abolish local government autonomy. It is implemented through orders and extortions from above leading ultimately to a unelected and unaccountable government that directs soviet-style implementation of policy. The 1/2 hour video below records the Josephine County […]