Minnesota Takes Aim at Egg Farmer Co-op Member for Third Time

FA Note — Anoth­er barage by the unholy alliance between Big Ag and gov­ern­ment, designed to erad­i­cate your free­dom to grow/buy your food as you will, put­ing the lie to  “sus­tain­able” agri­cul­ture. Min­neso­ta sim­ply can­not get enough of Alvin Schlangen. An egg farmer who tends to and vol­un­teers with a fresh food co-op. Two coun­ties in par­tic­u­lar (MDA) have tried […]

Armed Oregon Protesters Gather at Bureau of Land Management Office Over Mine Dispute, Report Says

FA Note — Courts have long rec­og­nized the Act of July 26, 1866, and May 10, 1872 as amend­ed, where­by Con­gress abdi­cat­ed its author­i­ty and juris­dic­tion over the min­er­al estate, grant­i­ng it as an absolute gift with­out con­di­tion or lim­i­ta­tion to all cit­i­zens. More than 100 demon­stra­tors, some of them armed, report­ed­ly sur­round­ed the Bureau […]

(Montana Governor) Bullock Signs Tribal Water Rights Ratification Into Law – But More Rivers To Cross

Before Gov. Steve Bul­lock on Fri­day signed the bill rat­i­fy­ing the Flat­head trib­al water rights com­pact, trib­al Chair­man Ver­non Fin­ley said it has one pri­ma­ry goal – “pro­tect the water” – and that he hopes oppo­nents will rec­og­nize it’s noth­ing more than that. “That’s basi­cal­ly it: Let’s share the resource and be good neigh­bors and let’s […]

Editorial — The Incredible Raisin Heist

Steal­ing is ille­gal, unless the gov­ern­ment is the thief. On Wednes­day the Supreme Court will hear a case on whether the gov­ern­ment can seize a chunk of a business’s prod­uct to reg­u­late prices. This is a big one. Like much gov­ern­ment mis­chief, Horne v. USDA has its roots in the Great Depres­sion and fed­er­al pro­grams to […]

Warrant Issuing Judge in Stanley Children Kidnapping Case Forces Sheriff to Reveal Documents

  UPDATE 4/15/2015 The judge in Juve­nile Court today has just ordered the fam­i­ly to have a psy­chol­o­gist in the home 20 hours a week to “pro­mote har­mo­ny” in the fam­i­ly. Judge Wade Naramore can be con­tact­ed here. Reporter Clay Her­rmann of the Hot Springs Dai­ly News in Hot Springs Arkansas has pub­lished copies of the Search War­rant, the Affidavit […]

Virginia Enacts Law To Protect Landowners From Predatory Land Trusts

In a sting­ing repu­di­a­tion of the con­duct of a Vir­ginia envi­ron­men­tal group once viewed as polit­i­cal­ly invin­ci­ble, Gov. Ter­ry McAu­li­ffe (D) March 10 signed into law bipar­ti­san leg­is­la­tion that — for the first time — pro­vides rur­al landown­ers the means with which to defend them­selves against bul­ly­ing by land trusts. The land­mark leg­is­la­tion, intro­duced by […]

Testimony of Terry Backs, St. Ignatius, MT

FA Note: The pro­posed CSKT (Con­fed­er­at­ed Sal­ish and Koote­nai Tribes) Com­pact involves a lot of con­sti­tu­tion­al and legal issues, includ­ing tak­ing exist­ing off-reser­­va­­tion water rights from thou­sands of irri­ga­tors, fam­i­ly farms,  and oth­er legit­i­mate water rights hold­ers, and grant­i­ng them to the tribes. Below is one tes­ti­mo­ny sub­mit­ted at a leg­isla­tive hear­ing April 11 in […]

Floodplain Executive Order: Latest Obama Power Grab

Anoth­er ille­gal action unlike­ly to be chal­lenged in court? Mil­lions of Amer­i­cans liv­ing and work­ing in flood­plains and oth­er low-lying areas are at acute risk of being inun­dat­ed – not by ris­ing water, but by a tidal wave of fed­er­al reg­u­la­tions – cour­tesy of the Oba­ma Admin­is­tra­tion. With pub­lic atten­tion riv­et­ed on the chaot­ic devel­op­ments in […]