Federal Government Prepares to Track Unvaccinated Adults

Dur­ing the Nation­al Vac­cine Advi­so­ry Committee’s (NVAC) Feb­ru­ary meet­ing, Amer­i­can adults were put on notice by Big Broth­er that non-com­­pli­ance with fed­er­al vac­cine rec­om­men­da­tions will not be tol­er­at­ed. Pub­lic health offi­cials have unveiled a new plan to launch a mas­sive nation­wide vac­ci­na­tion pro­mo­tion cam­paign involv­ing pri­vate busi­ness and non-prof­it orga­ni­za­tions to pres­sure all adults to […]

School Officials Learning Coercive Interrogations Tactics to Extract Confessions from Kids

Adult inter­ro­ga­tion meth­ods do not belong in the class­room, so why are school admin­is­tra­tors through­out the Unit­ed States being trained to use them on their stu­dents in order to extract con­fes­sions? John E. Reid & Asso­ciates is the largest inter­ro­ga­tion train­er in the world and teach­es such meth­ods to hun­dreds of school admin­is­tra­tors each year. […]

First in the Country: New Jersey Law a First Step to Stop Federal Militarization of Local Police

TRENTON, N.J. (March 18, 2015) – New Jer­sey Gov. Chris Christie signed a bill into law yes­ter­day that rep­re­sents an impor­tant first step towards block­ing fed­er­al pro­grams that mil­i­ta­rize local police in the state. Infor­mal­ly known as the 1033 Pro­gram, the Pen­ta­gon pro­vides local law enforce­ment, at lit­tle or no upfront cost, sur­plus fed­er­al prop­er­ty, including […]

Obscure California Committee Moves to Expand How Police Access and Use DMV Photos

FA Note:  March­ing down DHS’ path from Real ID to Glob­al ID, glob­al data shar­ing and glob­al track­ing. Atten­tion Cal­i­for­nia: the pri­va­cy and secu­ri­ty of your dri­ver licens­es are under threat from a new scheme to mas­sive­ly expand how pho­to IDs are shared and ana­lyzed by law enforce­ment agen­cies. Over the last few months, an […]

NAU at Work? Canadian, Mexican Border Agents Can Now Work Within US, Carry Firearms

New bor­der deal: Cana­da cus­toms agents could work in U.S., vice ver­sa … Cana­di­an cus­toms agents could soon work in the U.S. and car­ry firearms, and the U.S. bor­der guards could do the same in Cana­da, as a result of a new bor­der agree­ment between Cana­da and the U.S. – CBC Dom­i­nant Social Theme: It makes […]

Superintendent Confirms Common Core’s Pearson Spying on Kids’ Social Media Accounts

The super­in­ten­dent of the Watchung Hills Region­al High School Dis­trict in New Jer­sey has con­firmed that she sent an email to fel­low super­in­ten­dents Tues­day about her con­cern that edu­ca­tion pub­lish­ing giant Pear­son is “mon­i­tor­ing” children’s social media accounts for pos­si­ble leaks about the Com­mon Core-aligned PARCC tests. On Fri­day, Bob Braun, a for­mer lead­ing colum­nist for […]

Rising Enemy Within: Private Police Fits New World Order Script

First I want to say that many cor­po­rate (secu­ri­ty) sym­pa­thiz­ers tend to defend pri­vate polic­ing, but this arti­cle will debunk all their argu­ments and show how pri­vate polic­ing is the end-all end-game ulti­mate threat to free­dom in Amer­i­ca and human­i­ty as a whole, all in the name of pro­tect­ing cor­po­rate prof­its $ while work­ing hand […]

110 Bills Currently Being Proposed in 36 States to Enact Medical Tyranny Regarding Vaccines

Health Impact Edi­tor Com­ments Do not be dis­cour­aged by this report just released by the Nation­al Vac­cine Infor­ma­tion Cen­ter! Cit­i­zens across the U.S. are tak­ing action to oppose these bills, and there have been some recent vic­to­ries as bills in Ore­gon and Wash­ing­ton to expand med­ical tyran­ny regard­ing forced vac­cines have been defeat­ed (for now)! Be […]