Climate Change Scientists Are Unqualified for Their Positions

In an effort to dupe more peo­ple into believ­ing the cli­mate change lie, the White House recent­ly sent out invi­ta­tions to peo­ple, encour­ag­ing them to con­tact the Pres­i­den­t’s sci­ence advis­er John Hol­dren with ques­tions about cli­mate change. What came as no sur­prise to me is the fact that Hol­dren has absolute­ly no back­ground in weather […]

Vermont to lose 3.4 percent of manufacturing jobs due to federal climate regs

Ver­mont will lose 3.4 per­cent of its man­u­fac­tur­ing jobs by 2023 due to Oba­ma admin­is­tra­tion cli­mate reg­u­la­tions, accord­ing to a report on the impact of EPA rules on labor. In recent years, the EPA has issued new rules for pow­er plants and vehi­cles in an attempt to cut car­bon diox­ide emissions.

EPA regs could cost Wisconsin 20,000 manufacturing jobs

Wis­con­sin is poised to lose more than 20,000 man­u­fac­tur­ing jobs by 2023 because of the Oba­ma administration’s pro­posed reg­u­la­tions on cut­ting car­bon emis­sions that crit­ics say will have min­i­mal envi­ron­men­tal effects. The 4.19 per­cent reduc­tion in man­u­fac­tur­ing jobs puts Wis­con­sin at the fifth high­est drop in the coun­try, accord­ing to a study released this week by […]

Negotiating draft of UN climate agreement released

FA Note: The 86-page “nego­ti­at­ing draft” of the UN cli­mate agree­ment has been released by JunkScience, via twit­ter. “Option D” of the draft begs the ques­tion: is there a direct, planned cor­re­la­tion with the Agen­da 21 depop­u­la­tion goal of 95%? Nego­ti­at­ing draft of UN cli­mate agree­ment released Draft UN cli­mate treaty actu­al­ly con­sid­ers cut­ting CO2 emis­sions 95% by 2050. […]

The fiddling with temperature data is the biggest science scandal ever

New data shows that the “van­ish­ing” of polar ice is not the result of run­away glob­al warm­ing When future gen­er­a­tions look back on the glob­al-war­m­ing scare of the past 30 years, noth­ing will shock them more than the extent to which the offi­cial tem­per­a­ture records – on which the entire pan­ic ulti­mate­ly rest­ed – were […]

U.N. Climate Chief: We’re ‘Intentionally’ Transforming The World Economy

This is the first time in the his­to­ry of mankind that we are set­ting our­selves the task of inten­tion­al­ly, with­in a defined peri­od of time to change the eco­nom­ic devel­op­ment mod­el that has been reign­ing for at least 150 years…” The Unit­ed Nation’s top cli­mate change offi­cial Chris­tiana Figueres announced this week that the group is active­ly work­ing to […]

Monckton fires back point-by-point rebuttal at warmist critics of new peer-reviewed study: ‘Shoddy, rent-a-quote ‘scientists’

Mon­ck­ton: ‘A cli­mate sci­ence paper by Dr Willie Soon, Pro­fes­sor David Legates, Matt Brig­gs and me, just pub­lished in the Sci­ence Bul­letin of the Chi­nese Acad­e­my of Sci­ences, the Orient’s equiv­a­lent of Nature demon­strates that the bil­lion-dol­lar cli­mate mod­els that have so prof­itably pre­dict­ed Ther­maged­don are hope­less­ly wrong.’ ‘With­in hours a blog fund­ed by the wealthy but mys­te­ri­ous “Euro­pean Climate […]

Al Gore Wants to Ban Cars in Cities

If you live in a major city and own a car, you might not be able to keep your car in the city, or you might have to give up your car all togeth­er. You see, for­mer Vice Pres­i­dent Al Gore and his cur­rent part­ner in crime, for­mer Mex­i­can Pres­i­dent Felipe Calderon, are look­ing to […]