Agenda 21? What is Agenda 21?

April 15, 2014 Most people have never heard of Agenda 21. If they have heard of it, they likely believe it to be a vague United Nations program that will never see the light of day, or they believe it is imagined by conspiracy theorists. Yet, the principles contained in Agenda 21 are at the […]

Local communities face onslaught from self-anointed planners

April 25, 2014 A growing number of initiatives by elitist organizations, working hand-in-glove with local kindred spirits, is transforming once-self-governing communities into instruments of environmental political correctness. Cloaked in the mantle of providing for “sustainable” or “livable” communities, these programs include such fashionable ideas as “open space,” “heritage areas,” “view sheds,” ”smart growth,” “clean energy,” […]

The Mind of the Time

I’ve been reviewing all of the documentation I have on the infiltration of our country by the Communist Chinese government behind front companies in connection with Harry Reid, the Bundy Ranch, solar farms, cattle rustling by the BLM – all of it.  Every time I do this kind of backward review of where my research […]

Turning the Twin Cities into Sim City

Turning the Twin Cities Into Sim City The Metropolitan Council’s plans include making sure there is a proper mix of races and incomes in each suburb. May 19, 2014 Wall Street Journal Minneapolis Here in the Twin Cities, a handful of unelected bureaucrats are gearing up to impose their vision of the ideal society on […]

So we are paying them to take away our water rights?

April 19, 2014 “You say the Indian Water Compact requires Montanans to pay the Indians $55 million to take our water. Don’t you mean instead that the Indians are paying the state of Montana $55 million for our water rights?” “No,” the legislator supporting the compact replied, “the Indians get $55 million to ‘implement’ the […]

Why Clive Bundy Isn’t Wrong

There have been a lot of people criticizing Clive Bundy because he did not pay his grazing fees for 20 years. The public is also probably wondering why so many other cowboys are supporting Mr. Bundy even though they paid their fees and Clive did not. What you people probably do not realize is that […]

Local Government Implementation of Agenda 21

Local Government Implementation of Agenda 21   April 1997 Local Government Implementation of Agenda 21 was prepared by ICLEI for the Earth Council’s Rio+5 Forum (April 13-19, 1997 — Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), for the 5th Session of the UN Commission on Sustainable Development, and for the UN General Assembly’s “Earth Summit+5” Special Session. ICLEI is […]

Bill Gates Crying In His Vault

April 26, 2014 Gates 3 Bill Gates is a sad clown today because his bizarre $100 million student data project has failed – InBloom, Inc Student Data Collection, to Shut Down! Common Core-loving billionaire Bill Gates has suffered a stinging defeat in his ambitious quest to reform every cranny of the American K-12 public education […]