Anti Agenda 21 Platform

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FA Note:  The following Alameda County Republican Party Platform banning Agenda 21 was drafted by Freedom Advocates and is intended for use by Democrat and Republican Central Committees around the country. Is your county’s political activism committed to America or to political globalism? Democrats and Republicans most likely will answer that question similarly! Both parties advance Agenda 21 and stopping it is up to you.

Alameda County Republican Party Platform Regarding Agenda 21

Sustainability means the federal, state and local government’s implementation of an action plan created by the United Nations called Agenda 21. On the surface Agenda 21 objectives appear to be environmentally motivated. Agenda 21 was actually established to create a world-wide political structure, including a mandate for compliant human action, and an engineered societal system leading to massive discordance within the human population.

We, the Alameda County Republican Party Central Committee (“Committee”) reject all Agenda 21 activities and proposals in Alameda County and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Accordingly, the Committee does not support the County’s participation in the following activities:

  1. Participation in Regional Government including ABAG (Association of Bay Area Governments). ABAG is part of a federally inspired national formulation designed to remake local government operations and structures. ABAG is comprised of non-elected and unaccountable individuals who follow directives from Federal and State grant incentives. Its purpose is to impose a national/international system of local governance (see The Local Agenda 21 Planning Guide). An international organization called ICLEI (International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives) authored The Local Agenda 21 Planning Guide. ICLEI is an NGO accredited by the United Nations for the purpose of implementing Agenda 21. ICLEI is in contract with each city in Alameda for advancing Agenda 21, including their coordination and direction of the ABAG/ICLEI One Bay Area plan.
  2. Acceptance of ABAG’s One Bay Area Plan. ABAG has imposed a 300 billion dollar plan called One Bay Area (OBA). This plan is comprehensive and is designed to change how and where residents live and travel. Limited citizen awareness exists among the public due to the Bay Area News Group and its failure to report this massive re-engineering of the local political and living situation. The party needs to awaken the cities to reject OBA and withdraw from ABAG.
  3. Implementation of County ordinance, Measure D, was barely passed by voters in 2000. This measure took land outside city limits and put it off limit to nearly all uses. The effect was to require a concentration of all development including housing into dense cities, so called Smart Growth. The effect has been to advance Agenda 21 policies while destroying citizens’ rights to the use and enjoyment of private property.

Agenda 21 is well embedded in California. The state is at risk. The core objectives of Agenda 21 include: the abolition of private property, education for global citizenship, and monitoring and controlling the actions of human beings. Agenda 21 ignores unalienable rights inherent to natural rights and Natural Law. In essence, Agenda 21 globalization marks the end of the American experiment. We commit to work to reverse the County’s and the Bay Area’s commitment to Agenda 21.