Archives for May 19, 2015

Technocracy and the Roots of Agenda 21

This 3 1/2 hour inter­view with John B. Wells and Patrick Wood cov­ered all the bases and con­nect­ed all the dots between Agen­da 21, Sus­tain­able Devel­op­ment, Tech­noc­ra­cy and the elit­ist Tri­lat­er­al Com­mis­sion. Since its recent post­ing, it has had over 47,000 views.

IRONY is watching Seattle enviros protest oil…

They came in auto­mo­biles fueled by oil, wear­ing cloth­ing made from oil, to protest oil, in kayaks made from oil. Then they tweet­ed their pho­tos on phones made from oil and drove home. Share the irony.