Archives for May 5, 2015

Sheriff Shoots Real Estate Agent as She Shows House, then Walks Away because “He’s the Sheriff”

Gwinnett County, GA — Clayton County Sheriff, Victor Hill, has not been charged with a crime and was allowed to leave the scene after shooting a woman in the stomach on Sunday. According to Gwinnett County Police Sgt. Brian Doan, Hill accidentally shot a woman at a model home located at 2567 Britt Trail Drive […]

Breastfed Babies Kidnapped by CPS Because Parents were “Homeless” Living out of RV

  Amber is one of those free-spirited people who takes even incredible hardships and turns them into adventures, inspiring others in the process. When her young family wound up homeless, through no fault of their own, she and her husband Krishna Mehta made the best of it. Their children didn’t even know that they were […]

Obama, Hillary/Bill, Bush, “income inequality and violence”

The big lie “There are lots of ways to destroy communities. One of the most successful is: take jobs away. Cancel jobs. Then, cover this plot with lies about poverty and inequality. Set race and against race: tap into human feelings and the mind in their vulnerable areas—where hatred and rancor can be stimulated. Thus, […]

Parents Charge Education Officials with Bullying, Cover-ups over Refusal of Common Core Tests

As parents of thousands of students across the nation are refusing the standardized tests aligned with the Common Core standards, state education officials are digging in their heels and attempting to use authority and, in some cases, intimidation to keep test participation rates up and parents in line. Grassroots groups of parent activists who have […]