Archives for May 4, 2015

COS Admits it Cannot Defend the Convention Method of Amending the Constitution

Con­ven­tion Of States’ mas­sive, well-fund­ed nation­al cam­paign to “sell” their decep­tive tool with which to tear down our Founders’ dis­ci­plined, prin­ci­pled, lim­its on fed­er­al pow­ers has been run­ning into an over­whelm­ing, pow­er­ful force of truth and light — a 5′, 80lb, 70-year-young lady who many of us know, respect and admire as Pub­lius Hul­dah. We […]

Energy Security Must Include Reliable Power

The Oba­ma — EPA  plan ensures that black­outs will be in our future. Unlike pop­u­la­tions in most oth­er parts of the world, we Amer­i­cans take vital ben­e­fits of depend­able elec­tric­i­ty for grant­ed. We sim­ply plug into an out­let or flip on a switch and ful­ly expect that our lights will go on, our com­put­ers will […]