BREAKING: Legislation Launched to SHUT DOWN the UN’s Agenda

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Senator Jim Inhofe added an amendment to the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty that would potentially shut down parts of the United Nations if the treaty were to pass. Prior to Inhofe’s amendment, Senator Mike Crapo added an amendment to push back Obama’s Department of Justice and their Operation Choke Point.

Operation Choke Point was an overreach of Attorney General Eric Holder to strong-arm businesses he doesn’t like (like gun manufacturers and dealers) by putting pressure on banks to not do business with them (H/T Eagle Rising).

Inhofe was also able to add an amendment to shut down the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty at a vote of 59 to 41. Inofe’s amendment was written so that if the U.N. passes the Arms Trade Treaty, then Congress can stop all funding to any part of the U.N. that would support the enforcement and implementation of the treaty.

Inhofe made this statement about the treaty: “The President should remove the United States’ as a signatory nation on an ambiguous treaty, which does nothing to guarantee the protection of personal gun ownership and could potentially interfere with the United States’ ability to aid allies.”

Legislative counsel Michael Hammond added to Freedom Outpost: “This amendment would clearly defund the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty Secretariat or any international within the UN or outside the UN, which has been deemed to have been created to support the implementation of the ATT.”

The Senate has already passed a resolution opposing the treaty. This resolution informs the president that the Senate will not ratify it.

It is unbelievable to see the lengths that Obama has gone to circumvent two-thirds of our government to forward his own seemingly socialist agenda. It is refreshing to see senators taking a stand against Obama and reminding him that he cannot dictate laws and treaties to the American people.

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