A Modern Paul Revere

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Jim Beers, retired Refuge Manager, Special Agent, & Wildlife Biologist U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

Jim Beers, retired Refuge Manager, Special Agent, & Wildlife Biologist U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

The following is a recent letter from Mr. Jett Ferebee of North Carolina to the Secretary of the Interior (Jewell) and the Director of the US Fish & Wildlife Service (Ashe).


Mr. Ferebee and his associates in North Carolina have formed an active coalition of politicians and bureaucrats bent on exposing the lawlessness of the coercive and destructive federal wolf introduction sham in North Carolina.  Despite their concerted efforts to publicize the lawlessness, the arrogant lies and the federal disregard for states’ rights and private property: he and his associates continue their challenge like a fox terrier with teeth firmly imbedded in the ankle of a thief in the night.


Notwithstanding a Congressional Hearing wherein the esteemed Secretary feigned concern and a need to get to the bottom of things and a US Fish and Wildlife Service Washington Command Center that bobs and weaves like Muhammed Alli’s imaginary critter that “flies like, a butterfly and stings like a bee”: Mr. Ferebee and his Tarheels continue to dig and confront the travesty foisted upon them by federal excess and environmental fanatics.


Two things:

1.    The exact same abuses are being perpetrated by the same perpetrators throughout the United States.  Like a snowball going downhill it continues to grow larger and more destructive as it is allowed to compound its’ evil agenda.  Go to Mr. Ferebee’s website, read what he has exposed and then look around you and ask yourself what things will be like next month, next year, and when those kids and grandkids start families, look for work and attempt to carry on those traditions and values that you hold so dear.  I suggest that those stirring words, “The British are Coming!” express exactly what you will realize as you absorb what the federal behemoth has become.

2.    What Mr. Ferebee has done and is doing is either repeated and emulated where you live or there will be no hope that we will avoid the inevitable triumph of Socialism or Tyranny (call it what you will) over the rights and freedom this country was founded to protect and nurture.  Learn what he is doing and think hard about how you and neighbors can do it as well.


One hundred and five years ago, GK Chesterton wrote about avoiding Socialism in England, “If we hesitate, we shall soon have to hurry”.  The time “to hurry” is upon us.


Jim Beers

29 April 2015